Pattern Pulp

Mr. Boddington's Wrapped Patterns

There’s a lot of focus on gift-giving this season (ahem, obviously), and with presents, comes packaging. As a designer, I’m obsessive about presentation and while you don’t have to be fancy, anytime you share work, an idea or a physical object, I believe it should be crisp and well wrapped- figuratively and literally.

This brings me to Mr. Boddington Studio. Their wrapping paper is cool. It’s interesting. It’s bold graphics are reminiscent of bedding, wallpaper, and fashion. Above is a textured ikat and a holiday themed block print.

Here we have Chanukah with a twist. We’re halfway through the holiday, so you’d have to jump on this today…or perhaps store for next year. Regardless, the illustrations are playful and very kid-friendly.

Translating this illustrative technique into Christmas paper, here’s another favorite. It looks like an Eames, Warby Parker, Linus, wreath and candy cane mashup!


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