Pattern Pulp

Trends That Stuck in 2012

Some trends are a flash in the pan – in one year and out the next. Other times, something about a trend sticks and remains relevant, with subtle shifts creating an evolution of an idea.

Here are some trends of 2012 with staying power:

1. The lush simplicity of white, wrapped layers.

2. Nail art has made cultural jumps and grown in predominance.

3. The “animals acting as humans trend” makes an appearance on plates, among other things.

4. The increasing use of patterns as branding (yay!)

5. Continued interpretations of the skull and skeleton theme…we’re eight years and counting now.

6. Bunches and bundles of florals.

7. Shopping for fair isle anytime of the year with the New York Times.

8. Illustrations on our pictures.

9. Quotes that stand the test of time reach new heights of popularity on Pinterest and Instagram thanks to sleek design and typography.

10. And last but not least, a little dose of chaos, reflecting on the process will always be interesting to observe.


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