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Repetition Elsewhere: Mixed Media Graffiti

As many of you know, we’re art lovers here at Pattern Pulp- from the unexpected street marking to the most extensive gallery exhibition, everything inspires us. In an ongoing effort to stay abreast of everything at once (a daunting task!) we’re continually reading, interviewing and trekking. One curated source that never fails to inspire is The Jealous Curator, who I had the pleasure of meeting this past week at the Alt Summit Conference in Salt Lake City, UT. Danielle’s eye for fresh + witty innovation is impalpable and her piece on Ludovica Gioscia is a significant part of today’s feature.

Pattern-blocked mixed media is continually being reinvented and Gioscia’s take is a storyteller’s dream. The torn shapes and unraveled wallpaper parallel wall art from the streets of Darlinghurst in New South Wales, a piece I snapped while on my travels in Australia last month. Each layout applies color, line and vibrant patterns to keep the eye bouncing round the space.

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