Pattern Pulp

Friday Quick Links!

  1. 1. Amazed by the way Rashad Alakbarov “paints” with shadows and light via This is Colossal 
  2. 2. Digging these 3D posters by Amy Rodchester for the Newcastle Festival of Dance via designworklife
  3. 3. Pep Ventosa’s wonderful style of deconstructing & reconstructing photographic images via Honestly WTF
  4. 4. Entrancing new work from Kate Mccgwire via My Love For You
  5. 5. This delightful typographic bookshelf keeps track of what you’ve read via design-milk
  6. 6. Captivated by this floral still life campaign from fashion editor Lilly Marthe-Ebener via Trendland
  7. 7. Gorgeous street art by HENSE via Poppytalk
  8. 8. In love with this color splashed wall via Plenty of Colour 
  9. 9. A big fan of these photographic fashion pieces from MARIOS via Design For Mankind
  10. 10. Great poster by Josip Kelava for the Melbourne Dance Company via All the Mountains
  11. 11. Absolutely fabulous patterned walls from Minakani Walls & Bartsch via Miss Moss
  12. 12. Adorable collection of kid’s textiles and clothes by Mina Perhonen via Oh Joy!

Coverage by Emily Gup


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