Pattern Pulp

Friday, (ahem Sunday) Quick Links!

  1. 1. Easy peasy DIY relief printmaking via Poppytalk
  2. 2. Digging these punchy polka dot pillow cases via oh joy
  3. 3. Captivated by these paintings by Lou Ros via This is Colossal
  4. 4. Lots of outrageous prints from agi&sam via Style Bubble
  5. 5. Shadow boxes and layered art by Kristen Schiele via Art Hound
  6. 6. Gorgeous mural by Supakitch and Koralie via Honestly WTF
  7. 7. DIY geometric garlands to dress your place up for the holidays via blowing-up
  8. 8. Loving the colors in Maggie Taylor’s dreamlike artworks via Artsy Forager
  9. 9 Smitten over this embroidered collar by Lorena Maranon via design for mankind
  10. 10.  Eric Frommelt’s compositions are informed by data visualizations & info graphics via designworklife
  11. 11. Lovely paintings on intricately cut panels by Resa Blatman via booooooom
  12. 12. The Cell rug by Lama is pretty rad, especially the LED version via design-milk

Coverage by Emily Gup


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