Pattern Pulp

Beauty: Gothic Facial Palettes


For beauty, music and art lovers, it’s been an interesting few months. All three have merged to form a trend that reared it’s head in early March. We labeled it expressive story telling and it’s managed to evolve from the art and photography worlds to the beauty, music and marketing arenas.

These images of Enya Bakunova, Lady Gaga, the goth models walking Vivienne Westwoods’s weekend fashion show, and Shu Umera’s recent print campaign all pay homage to Mario Testino’s 2001 portrait of Kate Moss.

This wave feels a bit more gothic though, more geisha, more painterly. The emphasis on the eyes, the lips and the cheekbones provide a sculpture-like interpretation to compliment Guim Tió Zarraluki’s abstract and piercing renditions.  As we’ve said before, portraiture represents more than a moment- it’s the culmination of a mood, an outfit, a setting and a style. What do you think of this artistic execusion, is it effective?


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