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Trend: Sculptural & Oversized Hats

hat sculptures

While everyone’s talking Cyber Monday, we’re covering hats instead. Hats that could double as lampshades.

Oversized, netted, and larger than life- on the streets and in the pages of countless fashion editorials. When Pharrell made his infamous appearance at the Grammy’s last January (#7), people became obsessed with his curiously-shaped headpiece. It dominated every news outlet, as it was a sculptural statement of style- one that was fresh and unexpected. Fast forward, and the fashion industry has very obviously taken note, as we have multiple interpretations of Vivienne Westwood’s vintage hat dwarfing model heads as statement makers. Above we have styled pieces from:

1) Armani  2) Unknown (styling by Beth Fenton for MUSE)   3) Lanvin 4) Unknown (styling by Yana Kamps for MUSE)  5) Unknown (styling by Yana Kamps for MUSE)  6) Armani  7) Vivienne Westwood Illustration (vintage)

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