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Styling Inspiration & Crochet Combos

Remember when you’d find crochet items in your grandmother’s house- doilies under trinkets and antiques? Just like the floral pastel trend that’s been sweeping department stores this Spring, textures reminiscent of decades past are popping up in stores everywhere. Grandma’s making her mark once again, reminding us that everything’s cyclical. There are crochet dresses, skirts, shorts, tops, gloves, socks and even shoes!

I have a few crochet sweaters that I typically pair with silk tops just to add texture. I love how the color from the blouse peeks through the loops. Recently, with this slightly chilly NYC weather, I paired one of my crochet sweaters with a green silk dress. It was perfect for the chill and added a touch of texture.

 *            *            *

1. Motorcycle Gloves | 2.Isabel Marant Cilla Crochet Sweater | 3. Girl. Band of Outsiders Cleo Shorts | 4. Opening Ceremony Crocheted Pointed Collar Dress | 5. Me (!)

Coverage by Chelsa Skees


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