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Street Finds: Window Trends


Manhattan is home to some wonderful stores with even more magnificent window displays.  Designers often plan these fantastical arrangements months in advance, while visual teams work round the clock to get each window looking perfect, all in an attempt to lure customers off the street and into their stores.  While these displays double as public art for some, others follow these commercial relics quite religiously.  Here at Pattern Pulp, we’re fervent observers, and so we’ve begun photographing displays around the city, hoping to connect the dots whenever relevant themes and stories emerge.

And so, our first window round up:

Linear Stripes:


One of the most notable trends this season appears to be the continued use of bold color.  Be it a clothing rainbow or carefully aligned fixture spectrum, stores like The Gap, Anthropologie and J.Crew are doing more with less to showcase their stock in the most budget savvy ways.

Flat Color:


Materials range from flat and printed (the norm) to tangible and tactile, as evident at The Gap, Henry Bendel and Kate Spade.

White Birds:


White birds keep popping up, evocative of the peaceful dove, oragami structures and, of course, the beach – it is summer time, after all. Pictured above, Levis, BCBG and Kate’s Paperie.

Found Objects:




Found objects also reign supreme: hangers, bags, scraps of fabric – the very products being sold are being rendered as part of the “art,” as opposed to a blatant “here’s the shirt: buy me.” Pictured above, we have Barneys and Anthropologie, Gucci and Prada.

Warholian Photorealism:


We also love the Warholian photorealism of Diesel and French Connection – they seem to be tapping a trend that has continued to infiltrate a variety of markets.

Coverage by: Emily Gup

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