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Retail: London Storefronts

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There’s a lot of good color making the rounds in London this Spring.

We’ve been in a pastel period for some time, and it seems like we’re moving a bit forward, finally. Between Maitre Choux’s grand opening and the Liberty x Nike collaboration, the graphics are flat colorful vectors full of wit and whimsy.

The new patisserie in South Kensington is a passion project by Joakim Prat, and the editable items mirror the branding in their geometric story. The desserts are absolutely delicious, I highly recommend popping in if you’re a local – I went on a recent trip with my friend Lily, and it took all the willpower in the world to resist ripping into the package before getting it home to share.

Down on Regent Street, Liberty London’s window is a 3D model of patterned terrain. Foam core has been cut into curved landscapes, depicting depth through pattern. Check it out if you’re walking by, it’s really well done.

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