Pattern Pulp

Fashion: User Generated Contest


Marketing teams love to engage their clients’ customers.  For loyal fans, nothing can quite compare to customizable products that are both useful and super cool.  Last week, a friend and former colleague, J. Nordberg, passed along the link to Champion’s Hoodie Contest, the athletic company’s latest attempt at rebranding their 80’s style sweats. “I think the contest appeals to its core audience who are urban individuals exerting control over their lives and their style, not to mention, its fun!  You can totally make mistakes and not have to pay for them and if you come up with a beautifully designed hoodie, it feels like your own creation.  It also internalizes the brand,” says Nordberg.  Though this concept certainly isn’t a new one, the submissions thus far are staggeringly different and quite striking.  Spend your lunch hour getting creative, facebook servers could use the break!

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