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Around the Globe, Visiting Hong Kong


I’m ending this week with the final segment of my Asia series: Hong Kong…a place I’ve always felt I could live abroad (if Sydney or Melbourne were a no-go). The energy and pulse within Hong Kong City is electric. It’s been interesting to observe the transition from British rule back to Chinese leadership…the air quality’s become a bit more stifled, but the pace of globalization and commercialization of products, fashion and commerce have truly ramped up.

Here are a few shots from my stay (and a few tips). If you’re going, I’d recommend dining at the Press Room (if you’re yearning for a western meal), Ding Tai Fung (a Michelin Star causal-but-nice) Chinese restaurant, Rabbit Hole Coffee and Roaster to kick off your day, The Upper Room Bar on the top floor for incredible views of the city, lunch at Life Cafe (a fabulous healthy vegetarian spot in soho), and Star Street, where you’re find The Monocle Shop, Vie, and many other indie gems. If you’re looking for men’s custom tailored shirts at about $50 a pop, Roger Cheung of Roger Concept is your guy. For a more succinct list, feel free to follow my husband’s Foursquare tips.


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