Pattern Pulp

We Learned Stuff in 2012

The folks here at Pattern Pulp all tend to be inquisitive, always looking to learn and grow. Whether we’re exploring the world of DIY, hearing about the details of someone else’s process or learning about each other, there’s always something to gain and connections to be made.

This year we:

1. Learned how to frame our art from Ms. Lim.

2. Made a music video on a shoestring budget with Lesley Morphy.

3. Celebrated our mothers and realized how much they’ve influenced our closets.

4. Found out how to sew a sock lock.

5. Were blown away by the live performance (and the clothing!) in Sruli Recht‘s SS13 presentation, Circumsolar and Fragments of Dying Light.

6.Spotted a fascinating chocolate mill and it’s many layered hidden textures.

7. Stumbled upon a fabulous mysterious patterned building in Bushwick.

8. Enjoyed silly, beat-driven music with Sam and the Womp.

9. Went to lunch with Katie and Kristine.

10. Talked about the importance of Role Modolls.


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