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Tuesday’s Gallery Picks


This week’s gallery picks exist at the intersection of memory, imagination and modernity.

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1. Fine art photographer Susanna Majuri is known for images where water is a key element at galleria heino
2. Sarah Letovsky’s GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS brings together an assembly of women, each distinct, separate, and detached. Are they strippers, Mötley Crüe groupies, single moms or curatorial graduate students? Are they Teenage Dreamgirls or Olay Aging Cream Consumers? Why are they wearing clothes? Are they on display for looking or are they looking? at Project Gallery
3. For 20 months, Nidaa Badwan did not leave her 100 square foot room to face the outside world. Inside, in her war-imposed withdrawal and isolation, she created-and photographed-an immersive world of her own. Safe and free in this small oasis, she produced a series of stunning self-portraits, a project she calls 100 Days of Solitude, an homage to the landmark novel of magical realism by Gabriel García Márquez at Postmasters Art
4. In Kevin Peterson’s Sovereign, children and wild animals peacefully coexist as complicit companions in the detritus of stark urban environments. The poetic staging of these unexpected oppositions visually elicits powerful psychological themes. Recurring concepts continue to surface in Peterson’s work, like the perpetuity of change in self and environment, the navigation of personal trauma and loss, and solitude and the pursuit of companionshipat Thinkspace Gallery
5. The North Fork is a photographic narrative derived from the Trent Davis Bailey’s experience of an agricultural valley in western Colorado, experienced first as a child and then as an adult at Koch Gallery
6. Valérie Belin presents All Star, a new portrait gallery of superheroines photographed in a style reminiscent of comic books. at Galerie Nathalie Obadia

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