Pattern Pulp

Tuesday's Gallery Picks


This artists in this week’s gallery picks cleverly examine the underlying structures of society in their work.

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1. Julian Stanczak’s reverence for color comes from a desire to translate the drama and power of nature into a universal impression at Mitchell-Ines & Nash
2. “Gold” is a group exhibition that examines the use, role, and effect of gold in contemporary works of art at Dillon Gallery
3. Jessica Wimbley’s The Belle Series is a group of digital works on canvas based on ideas of origin: biological, genetic, cultural and historical at Western-Project
4. Dalston Anatomy is a visual document and investigation of Dalston’s Ridley Road Market, located in East London. Noting the transient nature of the market and the rapidly changing neighborhood, Vitturi’s series strives to honor and preserve this vibrant, multicultural environment at Yossi Milo Gallery
5. Greg Irvine’s latest work at Hawthorn Studio Gallery
6. Mockingbird takes its title from “ Operation Mockingbird”, a CIA initiative that began in 1948 using art and culture to propagate psychological warfare at Marlborough Chelsea

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