Pattern Pulp

Tuesday’s Gallery Picks


This week’s artists focus on shapes and patterns to explore their points.

*            *            *

1. Fred Tomaselli and Carl Boutard will discuss their work, nature, site-specificity, adaptation, and making ephemeral materials permanent at The International Studio & Curatorial Program
2. Jeff Kahm describes his work as being “rooted in Indigenous abstraction and Modernist aesthetics” at Chiaroscuro Contemporary Art
3. Maneuvering between painting and photography, realism and abstraction, Don Suggs explores the role imagery plays in our perception of nature. As the basis for this conceptual inquiry, Suggs returns to his familiar circular abstractions and landscape photograph at La Louver
4. Stephanie Syjuco employs unlikely materials with ingenious vision—found 3-D models, publicly-sourced audio files, “ethnic” carpets downloaded from eBay, photo shoots staged with mass-produced fashion garments, and a large scale “still life” installation—to create a perceptual clash that bridges historical representation with contemporary forms at Catharine Clark Gallery
5. As visual reflections on identity and consciousness, these abstract paintings by John Mills illuminate how perception is shaped by the subjectivity of the mind and its fleeting memories and experiences at Rosamund Felson
6. Søren Behncke entered, deconstructed and re-painted Van Gogh’s La Chambre à Arles again and again during the course of a year. In 20 works on canvas, cardboard, and paper Søren Behncke engages the iconic image of the room in Arles and various artistic profiles including Philip Guston, Henri Matisse, Albert Mertz, and Roy Lichtenstein, while challenging his own craft and style of painting at V1 Gallery

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