Pattern Pulp

Tuesday's Gallery Picks


Exploring perception and its impact on the human condition this Tuesday.

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1. Timothy Cummings’s exploration of dualities —insider/outsider, self/other, the collision of nostalgia and the present at Catherine Clark Gallery
2. Utilizing a wide range of materials, Erik Jones’ mixed media approach creates a hypnotic tension between the familiar and the fantastical at Hashimoto Contemporary
3. The paintings in this exhibition engage us in both the rich language of abstraction and in the mysteries of the human condition at Seager Gray Gallery
4. Thank You Paintings Exchange initiates a series of material, social, gestural, intellectual and monetary exchanges between artist and collector, with the commercial art gallery as site and passive participant at Denny Gallery
5. In Painter’s Nest the role of the artist is examined in various stagings and often the representation of the artist appears to reflect the beholder’s own imagination of an artist at Nils Staerk
6. Adrian Ghenie Golems explores Charles Darwin and the “texture of history” at Pace Gallery

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