Pattern Pulp

Tuesday's Gallery Picks


Taking traditions from the past and reinterpreting them through art and the modern eye.

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1. Five decades of Sam Francis’s abstract expressionism at Pasadena Museum of California Art
2. Maya Hayuk’s paintings and massively scaled murals recall views of outer space, traditional Ukrainian crafts, airbrushed manicures, and mandalas at Hammer Projects
3. Keiko Sadakane’s new series, Geometric Painting after Piero della Francesca, is a vividly-colored group of 8 paintings that translates the underlying geometries of Piero’s painting into the language of 21st-century abstraction at at Gerbert Contemporary
4. Nick Cave: Sojourn will feature approximately 40 new artworks including more than 20 new Soundsuits. Cave’s multi-sensory, immersive installation will transport visitors to a magical world of color, texture, sound, and movement at Denver Art Museum
5. The space will host weekly rotations of what Fritz Haeg refers to as “Domestic Integrities”—activities and items based on or made with materials gathered from their environment, from pickled vegetables and baked bread to herbal arrangements and homemade remedies at Walker Art
6. W O V E N celebrates the limitless artistic expressions of an ancient technique applied to materials new and old, unexpected and comforting. Ranging from works including common weaving materials like cotton and wool to the more exploratory – bullet-riddled steel, wire, tennis balls – the artists in this exhibition engage in an energetic dialogue between contemporary visual culture and the traditions of the textile industry at Woodstock Guild

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