Pattern Pulp

Tuesday’s Gallery Picks


It’s all about color and shape in this week’s gallery picks.

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1. In Hunting Color, Jaq Chartier continues to develop her own custom formulas of deeply saturated inks, stains and dyes at Elizabeth Leach Gallery
2. During Complex Computational Compositions, Rafaël Rozendaal shows new works including tapestries and sculptures. A recurring theme within his body of work is to limit the influence he has as an artist on the final composition of his work at Upstream Gallery
3. Abdoulaye Konaté’s vivid, thought-provoking installations have their roots in his Malian homeland. The materials he uses, woven and dyed cotton, are integral to the country’s culture and by extension, to his practice.  ‘I use textiles in the same way other artists use paint, steel or marble – it is my colour palette and medium for artistic expression’ at Blain | Southern
4. Brain Bress is known for the fictional characters he creates, inspired by 1980s children’s programming, exotic world cultures and historical art movements. Born as doodles or collages, these imaginative figures take shape as sculptural costumes and come to life on video, performed in front of elaborately composed backdrops at OCMA
5. Mokha Laget’s geometric abstractions evoke vast landscapes, urban environments and ambiguous interiors, the categorization of which lies beyond conventional interpretation. They engage the viewer to actively explore relations between the shaped canvas, its embedded planes and surrounding architecture. At once sensual in surface color and intellectually playful, her paintings invite the viewer to accept paradox and impossibility as an aesthetic premise at The Museum of Geometric and MADI Art
6. Central to Ric Evans’ practice is colour and form. Evans’ work is informed by his surroundings, deriving shapes from various spaces that he finds between buildings, chairs, parked cars and other moments in everyday life. These shapes become what he describes as an armature to hold his idiosyncratic combinations of colour that create his distinct geometric compositions at Nicholas Metivier Gallery

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