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Tuesday's Gallery Picks


We’re exploring identity and culture through the body in this week’s gallery picks.

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1. Bring it Home: (Re)Locating Cultural Legacy through the Body presents work from artists representing diverse Bay Area communities, and centers thematically on how these artists grapple with cultural identity and its relationship to the human condition at San Francisco Arts Commission Galleries
2. In Katherine Bradford’s Fear of Waves , painting and swimming share immersion and a certain loss of control that is simultaneously wild and structured. The body in nature; we see ourselves situated in relationship to the deep other at Canada New York
3. The compelling work and storyof Vivian Maier at Merry Karnowsky Gallery
4. Tattooing in London has a long and rich history, dating back to a time before Captain Cook made his adventures to the Pacific. Tattoo London will offer insight into the history of professional tattooing in London as well as revealing life inside four contemporary tattoo studios in the capital via Museum of London
5. Expanding on her language that traditionally highlights misfits, outcasts, and the misunderstood – Allison Schulnik introduces a wild new cast of mythological creatures replete with centaurettes, unicorns, and otherworldly outsiders in various stages of liberation. Continuing her exploration of selfhood through diverse and rich allegories, her new subjects radiate gracefulness that is both vulnerable and stoic—a type of synthesis that is a hallmark in Schulnik’s work at Mark Moore Gallery
6. Lani Emmanuel’s figures of young women portray emotion and identity by focusing on body language, gesture and gaze. She captures each figure’s self-expression through their wardrobe. For most adolescent girls, fashion is a means of self-expression that allows for identity experimentation at Lora Schlesinger Gallery


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