Pattern Pulp

Tuesday's Gallery Picks


This week’s gallery picks examine intersections of reality, space and influences.

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1. This idiosyncratic selection looks at the diverse ways in which notions of inner and outer space are perceived and utilized as a topic within artistic practice at Edward Thorp Gallery
2. Ilya & Emilia Kabakov’s new collaborative series The Two Times explores layered or dual realities, a prominent theme within the Kabakov’s work. Representations of a distant, classical past are spliced with images of fragmented memories from the Soviet era, conveying the collision of two time periods. The multi-layered interpretations emphasize human perceptions of time and the temporal nature of the present, which is constantly emerging from and turning into the past at Pace Gallery
3. A winter group show with an otherworldly vibe at Joseph Gross Gallery
4. Matt Wedel’s Peaceable Fruit comes out of a larger interest in landscape within his work and is a kind of hopeful signifier and idealized blueprint in understanding the future of humanity at La Louver
5. In his ongoing investigation of his intimate environment, Jonas Wood fuses artistic influences as diverse as the domestic interiors of Pierre Bonnard, Henri Matisse, and David Hockney to Chinese and Japanese still-life scenes, ancient pottery and the guileless textiles of Josef Frank. Sampling subjects from his own photographs, he reiterates them through an intensive process of drawing. Filling the compressed spaces of his paintings with figures, plants, and household objects, Wood reimagines the world as a variegated collage of overlapping patterns, flatly rendered at Gagosian London
6. Erik Parker’s Undertow offers insight into the evolution of Parker’s work over the last two decades. Parker continues to critically chart the world’s current political, social, and economic landscapes with compositions brimming with references to media, popular culture, music, and art history. Synthesizing multiple elements from his myriad styles into new dynamic compositions, the artist works at breaking down the metanarratives of late modernist painting while simultaneously digesting the pictorial chatter of scrolling feeds of social media at Paul Kasmin Gallery


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