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Tuesday's Gallery Picks


Our artists examine the art of disguise in this week’s gallery picks.

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1. Inspired by the medieval trial of Joan of Arc, the treason of anti-Nazi activist Sophie Scholl, and the contemporary punk prayer of Pussy Riot, Maureen Selwood’s Sounding the Note of A grapples with the uncompromising feminine. Selwood extols the power of sensuality and thought to transcend violence at Rosamund Felsen Gallery
2. Edgar “Saner” Flores’ Fragments of the Soul explores what we have left behind in life and exposes the small, secret parts to our souls at Philly Magic Gardens
3. While the new body of work in Mona/Marcel/Marge draws a clear line to Martha Wilson’s work from the 70’s through today, her work and attitude has evolved from what Wilson describes as “the concerns of a young woman to the concerns of an old lady,” and sees her turning an eye to the way in which the public gaze projects social values onto women as they grow older at P.P.O.W
4. Disguise features works by twelve contemporary artists from Africa and of African descent who explore the impulse of disguise with optical illusions, street actions, computer magic, and virtual reality. Together these works will engage visitors’ imaginations as they consider the art of masking as a transformative process – one that is informed by a multiplicity of influences, from historical African masquerade traditions to contemporary global culture and digital media at Fowler Museum
5. Erik Olsen’s Düsseldorfer portraits of his classmates in Peter Doig’s class at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf at Bravin Lee
6. Through the Yoon Ji Seon’s violent destruction and radical reconstruction of her image,Rag Face confronts controversial issues such as the status of women in Korean culture and the increasing popularity of cosmetic surgery among its youth. In response to a society of growing sameness and emphasis on idealized beauty, Yoon actively takes command of her self-image, presenting herself as both powerful yet silent, concealed yet exaggerated, beautiful yet grotesqueat Yossi Milo Gallery.


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