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Tuesday's Gallery Picks


This week’s gallery picks are all about location and destination.

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1. Peak Salvation is a group show featuring Bay Area artists working in the theme of nature and conservation at Art Thou Gallery
2. Laine Justice interprets scenes from the mythological Battle of Mara, where and when Mara futilely attempts to derail Siddhartha from his momentous path towards enlightenment at Fouladi Projects
3. Evan Hecox’s new work in Terrain at andeken
4. Parodying the American tradition of stay-at-home vacations and the consumerist promises of an escape from the mundane, the nine-member group Okay Moutain has created a series photographic works, an installation, and a sound collage for the exhibition at Mark Moore Gallery
5. Mustafa Hulusi uses photography, painting and video to, in the words of critic and art historian Sir Norman Rosenthal, “depict, obliquely sometimes, the story of Cyprus as a location for the cultural engagements, not always happy, that this island has lived through over the millennia” at Meliksetian | Briggs
6. For Matthew Brandt’s Pictures from Wai’anae:”For the past three years I have been taking photographs in Oahu. These printed photographs were rolled in dirt, leaves, burlap and lace and buried on a family farm in the town of Wai’anae. Over time, the elements of the Hawaiian earth changed these pictures. Presented in this exhibition are remains of this process” at M+B

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