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Tuesday's Gallery Picks


The details are in the dialogue in this week’s gallery picks.

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1. T. Kelly Mason has produced work across a range of media, including sound, video, installation, painting, and sculpture, addressing the relationships between reality, perception, representation and interpretation. In his current exhibition, Mason uses these relationships as lenses to examine dichotomies of scale: internal vs. external, human vs. cosmic, actual vs. imagined at Cherry and Martin
2. Focusing on four groups of artists practicing away from the cultural capitals of New York and Los Angeles, What Nerve! presents an alternative history of American art since the 1960s at Matthew Marks
3. The prime subject matter of Bertozzi & Casoni’s sculpture is modern consumption and its resulting detritus. The artists initially consider the process of decay because, as they state, “it is a very intense vision of the world…the true essence of things can be found in decay, in everything that has been rejected, in junk, in rubbish.  It is in decay where you can perceive true life, where you can see a human being’s essence.” at Sperone Westwater
4. CHROMA is the result of a long distance collaboration between Lisa Soloman and Christine Tillman that explores color theory through objects from everyday life, expressed through crowd sourced installation, drawings, and sculpture at Gallery CA
5. In Bart Exposito’s new work, forms suggestive of typographic characters are rendered with sensitive lines over opaque and ambient planes of dusty color. The result is a duality, or contradiction, in the appearance of the paintings: flatness can be experienced as both dense and atmospheric, as foreground and as background, and often these states are indeterminate at Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects
6. Metamodern will explore the idea of a contemporary cultural movement in painting and sculpture that has developed in dialogue with and in response to modernism and postmodernism of the 20th century at Denny Gallery


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