Pattern Pulp

Tuesday's Gallery Picks


This week’s artists experience the world through a lens.

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1. Land and Sea features painting, drawing and photography by artists who provide illuminating and unexpected responses to aspects of the natural world at Danese/Corey
2. Ralph Eugene Meatyard’s acclaimed photographs of masked figures set against a deteriorating Southern landscape, and his somewhat lesser known, yet equally dynamic portraits—primarily of American writers at The Blanton Museum of Art
3. Rose Marcus photographs the Seagram Building and Central Park, then prints those photos and adheres them to the ready-made materials of architecture – sheets of plywood, aluminum, and acrylic at Night Gallery
4. Cathleen Naundorf’s Noah’s Ark features a series of taxidermy animals alongside unique haute couture pieces by leading fashion designers.  These elaborate sets embody a sense of extravagance – the dresses, headpieces and models posed against painted backdrops in a photo studio or on location – juxtaposed with the Biblical story and quest for a better life at Hamiltons
5. “See and discover the world with the wonder of a child” is a founding credo for Marc Riboud, who looks for a fleeting relationship interposed by viewfinder and lens at Polka Galerie
6. In her day, Frida Kahlo was photographed as much as, if not more than any Mexican movie star, and the portraits left behind are evidence of the limelight that surrounded her. Those same photographs that captured her magic and drew the public to her continue to seduce, and today, Kahlo’s allure and exotic beauty have become an intricate part of the universal conscious at THROCKMORTON FINE ART

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