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Art that Influenced in 2012

Crazy that it’s that time of year again! Today we’ll be kicking off with our favorite lists from 2012. On Pattern Pulp, we cover a wide variety of material and wanted to bundle up the most noteworthy features from the past year. We’ll be back to regular scheduled programming in January, enjoy!

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Perhaps now more than ever, art’s influence stretches beyond the walls of galleries. Art serves as an analytical filter for all of the world’s “noise” and plays a give-and-take role in the design world. Here are some of our favorites this year.

1. Jay Hardman’s Unsustainable exhibition of landscape cake paintings.

2. Cecilia Paredes paints herself into the wallpaper.

3. Rebecca Rutstein’s abstractions explore the intersection of nature, desire, and geometric constructs.

4. Anne-Lise Coste’s loose exploration of the gestures and shapes of letters.

5. Bharti Kher and “The hot winds that blow from the west.”

6. Andrew Schoultz and Richard Colman’s collaborative expressive exhibition, To Be Announced.

7. Circling nature and poignant color palettes with Don Suggs.

8. Douglas Melini‘s hard-edge abstract paintings that investigate color and space.

9. Kate Tucker is inspired by the kaleidoscopic abundance of flora and fauna.

10. Heidi Norton captures elements in flux, often using living plants or remnants from her art to create new compositions.


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