Pattern Pulp

Places that Intruiged in 2012

To creative folks, inspiration can be found pretty much anywhere and in anything. That sentiment is heightened when we’re traveling. New environments intrigue the senses and ignite our curiosities.

Get inspired with some of the places we visited in 2012:

1. Mosaic collages from around the world.

2. The patterned and zippered bags from Isetan in Tokyo.

3. Floral footwear from Paris.

4. The patterns and branding of Phoenix’s Arizona Biltmore.

5. Looking at cities from a higher perspective.

6. This textile exhibition at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Ramat Gan, Israel.

7. The many striking tiles of Portugal.

8. An up close look at the weavings of Myanmar.

9. The textiles that flourish in Helsinki. (p.s. Did you know they were the design capital of 2012)

10. Tallin‘s technology boom and doll obsession.


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