Pattern Pulp

Pattern Play in Bushwick

I’ve been living in Bushwick for almost 6 years now and one of my favorite things about the neighborhood is its constant artistic evolution. In the spring and summer, its not uncommon for me to take a detour from my daily path to explore the ever changing nooks and crannies of the neighborhood. Thursday afternoon I did just that, and found myself meandering down Grattan Street as I took a phone call.

I slowed when I spotted what appeared to be some sort of laser-cut polkadot design, piquing my curiosity. As I got closer and rounded around to the front, I quickly and giddily realized that the design was much more intricate than just some random series of dots. Naturally, I couldn’t reach fast enough to turn on my iPhone’s camera, snap a photo and Instagram the patterned prize.

Thus far, my internet sleuthing hasn’t led me to figure out what exactly this building holds, though sometimes it can be fun to leave things as a little mystery. And so, this building offering up “free things” exists not unlike a candy-covered gingerbread house for pattern lovers.

Coverage by Emily Gup


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