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Copenhagen Creative City Guide2

Recently, a few friends asked about a trip I took to Copenhagen in the Fall of 2015. While highlights exist on Instagram below a barrage of baby photos, I figured it was worth compiling my favorite spots in one place.

Copenhagen Creative City Guide2s

This trip was a productive one. My husband Justin and I rented an airbnb in the Vesterbro neighborhood and stayed put for a while, living like locals. He took meetings while I dove into work, finalizing illustrations and formatting pages for a big Pattern Studio delivery. It felt kind of crazy, but mostly inspiring to jump into my daily routine from another city.

Copenhagen Creative City Guide2t

Every morning I would pop across the street to get a coffee and a croissant at Risteriet, then dive into photoshop until the mid afternoon – until essentially, my stomach started growling, reminding me it needed to be fed. I used lunch to explore. I’d hop on my bike and meet Justin at a google pin he’d texted over. If it was raining, I’d throw on my coat and drop my phone at full volume in my pocket, listening intently to the directions to get me to an unknown spot.

The weekends were generally spent as tourists. One Saturday we took a train to Malmo, Sweden to see what was happening just across the border. Another weekend we took a road trip to this insane castle along the countryside called Dragsholm Slot. We felt like location scouts for a Wes Anderson film.

While not every detail is listed below, this is a fairly comprehensive rundown of my favorite design, fashion and food spots. Enjoy!

Copenhagen Creative City Guide2d

Hay Design made it’s US debut last year, bringing phenomenal and minimalist office accessories and home furnishings to America. As you can imagine, the headquarters is massively cool.

Copenhagen Creative City Guider

I highly recommend popping into the Hay House as well as their satellite locations.

Copenhagen Creative City Guide2q

Next door grab a tea and a sandwich at the Royal Smushi Cafe. You’ll ogle at the ceramics in the ivy-filled court, I did.

Copenhagen Creative City Guide2a

While I have dozens of photos from The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, this one really resonated. You must visit this outstanding structure if you’re ever in Copenhagen. Just prepare yourself for a trek – it’s 100% worth it.

Copenhagen Creative City Guide2b

After spending our first week in Vesterbro, we wanted to try a new neighborhood and picked a hotel off a friend’s recommendation called STAY. It was located in a neighborhood called Island Brygge. The hotel was filled with furniture from HAY and illustrations, like the design above, covered the walls and ceilings. In the world of comparisons, it felt like Dumbo. Industrial, open, design-forward with newish developments and great food scattered throughout.

Copenhagen Creative City Guide2p

I highly recommend Il Buco if you’re looking for a small, charming, delicious Italian restaurant nearby.

Copenhagen Creative City Guide2c

As I was riding back to our hotel one afternoon, just after having been poured upon, this rainbow appeared. It was remarkable and made the day infinitely better.

Copenhagen Creative City Guide2f

Some of my favorite shops, restaurants and bars were clustered along Jaegersborggade Street. This adorable plant store, Kaktus Kobenhavn popped with it’s original and quirky cactus display.

Copenhagen Creative City Guide2g

Most nights were low key and Justin and I would hop on and off our bikes, eating and drinking like locals. Some of our favorite spots included Mother, a pizzaria that was overflowing with 20 and 30 somethings, Copenhagan Street Food, a collective of 40 indoor food vans under an open warehouse, and SimpleRAW, a clean experimental vegan cafe.

Copenhagen Creative City Guide2h

One night though, we (or more like I) got decked, left our bikes in the racks and taxied to Amass. It was amazing. Truly delicious and special in every way. If you’re planning a trip to Copenhagen, try to reserve a table in advance, it’s worth it. Everyone was so kind and knowledgeable – and all of the food was grown on a farm just behind the restaurant. Such an incredible experience.

Copenhagen Creative City Guide2u

And of course, patterns were everywhere. Truly. They were on floors, ceilings, shoes, jackets, door stops. They were geometric and timeless. It was heaven for a pattern nerd like me.

Copenhagen Creative City Guide2k

Also, the graffiti. This neon plaid was something to behold. Nearby, I grabbed a coffee at a darling coffee shop called Cafe Granola with a new friend and fellow trend forecaster/designer, Sara Ingermann Holm Nielsen.

Copenhagen Creative City Guide2l

Have you ever considered painting your wall mustard? I never did until wandering into this shop. Unfortunately I didn’t catch the name, but the color inspiration was worth sharing.

Copenhagen Creative City Guide2o

Stjerne Radio is a museum with a bold and stylized sign. It was also the meeting place for freedom fighters during World War II.

Copenhagen Creative City Guide2w

In the intro I referenced the Dutch countryside, as my husband and I decided to leave Copenhagen one weekend to visit Dragsholm Slot.

Copenhagen Creative City Guide2m

The drive was magical. The clouds filled the sky which in turn filled the views. It felt like we were traversing a white fluffy landscape.

Copenhagen Creative City Guide2n

Then there was the food at Dragsholm Slot. Slotskøkkenet and Lammefjordens Spisehus were uniquely special restaurants. They were an interesting balance of rustic, gourmet and nordic. The atmosphere was relaxed and the food was a delicious work of art. Here’s a glowing review from Bon Appetit if you don’t believe this vegetarian…




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