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Creative City Tour: DUMBO


I’m very pleased to announce the start of a new series we’re launching:  The Pattern Pulp Global Tour.

In today’s digital travel age, we’re all familiar with the endless to-do tips found on sites like the New York Times, Trip Advisor and Gridskipper.  While more traditional recommendations are always welcome, the notion of self-discovery should not be forgotten. With each neighborhood exploration, we hope to take our readers off the beaten path to uncover the overlooked elements of city living, be it decals on an office building or graffiti in a bathroom stall.  Some of what we feature may be gone by the time you arrive, others, such as buildings and landmarks will certainly find their place along the chain, but either way, our goal is to provide the groundwork for a visual stream of consciousness.

Today, we’re featuring Dumbo, a creative and industrial gem that is located just over (and under) the Brooklyn Bridge. Have a look, take the walking tour and let us know what you think!

*            *            *

1. Hallway: 147 Front St.

2. Workshop Loves You, glass decals: 147 Front St.

3. Dumbo Arts Center, 30 Washington St.

4. Exterior building details, Water St. at Old Dock St.

5. Cafe Baco pattern napkins: 71 Jay St.

6. Cafe Baco metal signage: 71 Jay St.

7. Graffiti portraiture on cement steps: 70 Jay St.

8. Brooklyn Bridge Flea Market, metal tiles: 22 Water St.

9. St. Ann’s Warehouse, Playhouse: 38 Water St.

10. Pastel floral door, 128 Front St.

11. Brooklyn Bridge

12. Womens bathroom graffiti: 147 Front St.

The full set of photos can be viewed here.

1-dumbo-frontstreet 2-dumbo-workshop 3-dumbo-artscenter 4-dumbo-warehouse 5-dumbo-bacocafe1 6-dumbo-bacocafe2 7-dumbo-jayst-graffiti 8-dumbo-fleamarket 9-dumbo-stanns-warehouse 10-dumbo-frontstreet 11-dumbo-brooklyn-bridge 12-dumbo-front-street-bathroom 13-dumbo-68Jay

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