Pattern Pulp

Gifts for You Design Minded Folks

Since the season’s in full swing, I’m assuming most of you are already crossing gifts off your lists- particularly if you celebrated Chanukah. With pop up shops on every downtown corner, I figured I’d jump in and offer my two cents. I might continue adding more to the mix, but to kick off, here we go:

*            *            *

1. Fold, Unfold, Tablecloth by Hay & Margrethe Odgaard, $160
2. Patterned Paint Roller, The Patterned House, $15 GBP
3. Sitting Bull Pixel Bean Bag, $313
4. Little Bits Holiday Kit, $49
5. Green & Gray 15″ MacBookPro Laptop Bag, $49.95
6. Revenge of the Nerds Onesie, $18
7. The Napsack by The Poler, $130
8. Blueprint Paper Placemats, $26.50
9. Detachable Conductive Smartphone Friendly Glove Pins, $11.99

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