Pattern Pulp

New York: Creative Textile Design

Every time there’s a print-related trade show in New York, I make every effort to go. This season’s no different and if you’re local, work in the business of prints + patterns and are curious about market influences for the coming year, I recommend popping into the Altman Building for the Direction Show by Indigo. As I weaved through the isles yesterday morning, a few things caught my eye. In no particular order, here goes:

  • 1. Animal prints merged with lace
  • 2. Cityscapes, windows and urban landscapes
  • 3. Vibrant watercolors
  • 4. Coral Coral Coral
  • 5. Cute French conversational prints
  • 6. Monochromatic metallics accents,  gray + silver/gold + amber
  • 7. Digital camo with stain glass effects
  • 8. Ikat interpretations via embroidery, watercolor and embellishments

Today’s your last day to check out the floor and if you happen to swing by, do linger at the Garreau Designs, Fortier Price and Westcott Design tables, as their print libraries are wonderful.

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