Pattern Pulp

Color Palettes: Sea Stories

Every designer knows that the right color palette can make or break a collection. If you’re off  by even the slightest shade of teal, the commercial appeal of your line can waver. So when starting a new collection, it’s important to take current events into consideration. Everything from art, politics, technology and generational attitudes can affect your palette beyond seasonal assumptions. Additionally, trusting your creative gut sometimes holds the same weight as consulting the experts (if your budget allows). This Spring/Summer 2011 palette is inspired by the boundless nature of aquatic living. Contrasting sheens, crustacean reds and cool blues dominate throughout.

The above images are from Bloom Magazine, a bi-annual staple in the trend forecasting industry. Pearls, silk and watery sheens have already trickled into graphic applications and will continue to influence embellishments and fabrics in the year to come.

Coverage by: Angela Chen & Shayna Kulik

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