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On Set with Lesley Morphy

Every once in a while we talk events here. When you consider what makes a good party, you realize that the decor and photos hold as much weight as the theme, the crowd and the music.

Lesley Morphy, our resident set designer recently oversaw the concept, design and construction of a rather unorthodox photo op: an 8 x 12 foot heart.

While the polished photo at the end is pretty cool, we thought you’d be interested in the behind the scenes process- how did Morphy and her team bring her 2D sketch to life?

In her own words…

Almost every client has the same request: keep it on brand, make it fun and playful. For this design, I opted to make a 3D Photo Op

Experian reached out to me, as they were hosting a global marketing summit in Las Vegas and wanted to convey a sense of bringing love back to the customer. Making a large 3D heart seemed like a no brainer!

The heart was 8’ x 8’ x 2’ deep and was built with aluminum framing.

We then skinned it in wood and sanded and coated it in a semi-gloss red paint. The fascia was finished in an adhesive 4-color digital print. The linear graphic was playful, bright and poppy.

The heart was stable enough to climb in, on and over. Using a heart got the point across- particularly among the global clientele.

It playfully complimented an aquatic Cirque du Soleil performance and the VIP after party. As the old adage goes, what happens if Vegas stays in Vegas.

Contributed by Lesley Morphy


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