Pattern Pulp

Meet the Newest Member of the Team!

I’m very excited to introduce the newest member of the Pattern Pulp team. I’ll let you in on a little secret- I’ve been trying to get Valerie Gnaedig to contribute for over a year now and she’s finally given in to my badgering!

Gnaedig is a German-born, Brooklyn-based graphic designer with a background in digital, motion, and book design. She’s currently a Senior Designer at Big Spaceship, where she spends her days crafting websites and apps for mobile phones and tablets.

She recently co-designed a series of brass hardware, her first foray into product design; one of the pieces, a set of triangular-headed nails, is now available at select boutique retailers in New York and San Francisco. Valerie spends her free time sprucing up her new apartment; in one recent spree, she re-upholstered two footstools. Her weekly PP column will focus on color and the role it plays in our daily online search. From inspiration to execution, follow along as she shares her visual stories.


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