Pattern Pulp

The Homemade Montage

We’re all familiar with facebook’s photo narrative. Your friends upload a few images and shortly thereafter it appears in your livestream. The images are often disjointed and location-based and sometimes skewed with a vintage or poloroid filter. Moments after, you’re on to the next distraction. It takes a hint of creativity to really convey a message, stop you in your tracks and make you dissect the layout. This poloroid collage from the blog, Don’t Touch My Moleskin, does exactly that with it’s hipster meets Urban Outfitters angle. Using mixed media techniques and interesting photography, the larger layout is pieced together, trusting the audience to fill in the blanks. Tapping this mosaic method yet going in an entirely different direction, Theme Magazine proves busy isn’t always bad. With the right combination of line, color and repeat, the eye will connect the dots, making sense of the story.

Tracking Repetitive + Awesome.
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