Pattern Pulp

Event: Vintage Cut & Paste


It’s Pattern Pulp’s last opportunity to jump on the band wagon.  Nearly everyone and their (design-minded) mother has forwarded me a link to the geeked-out graphic competition hosted by Cut&Paste this weekend. If not for out-of-state plans, I would be cheering along in the crowd of over-zealous artists, watching three wacom pens vigorously draw fifteen minute vignettes on projected screens.  Cut&Paste is a traveling competition that pits up and coming designers against each other in a festive and competitive environment. I figured I’d celebrate the occasion by posting the graphic I scrambled to make for Cut & Paste’s pre-competition in Boerum Hill two years ago.  My paper dolls made the first cut, but were sadly axed by the final round.  Check out the show online if you can’t make it to Webster Hall this Saturday.

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