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Pattern Studio: A Creative Workbook

Have you ever sliced open a purple cabbage or a pomegranate, only to be amazed by nature’s secret textures hidden below the surface? Or taken an extra second to appreciate the geometric moulding on a ceiling, while replacing a light bulb? Patterns are a part of everyday life, and we interact with them on a daily basis.

This workbook is a guide to seeing patterns in your surroundings and using them as inspiration to create your own. In these pages you’ll find fifty exercises that will teach you how to translate your observations into unique sketches. The latter part of this book gathers patterns, biographies, and inspiring quotes by a diverse group of 50 artists from around the world, offering insight into their processes.

As you begin noticing the patterns around you with a pen and paper in hand, new ideas will start sprouting. With each creative challenge and illustration, you’ll train your eyes to see things that go unseen by others…and before long, you too will be an intrepid observer designing the next big thing!



Shayna Kulik is a New York based creative director, brand strategist and the founder of Pattern Pulp Studio, a trend forecasting and design company dedicated to tracking emerging concepts in print and pattern.

Contributing Artists

  • Ana Montiel
  • Angela Kramer
  • Ashley Le Quere
  • Avery Thatcher
  • Barbra Ignatiev
  • Billie Justice Thomson
  • Bonnie and Neil
  • Brandon Locher
  • Danielle Kroll
  • Emily Isabella
  • Emma Lipscombe
  • Field Kallop
  • Georgiana Paraschiv
  • Guy-Field
  • Hannah Waldron
  • Helen Dealtry

  • Ian O’Phelan
  • Jenny Kiker
  • Jenny Lumelsky
  • Kangan Arora
  • Kapitza
  • Kate Fred Loudoun-Shand
  • Kate Kosek
  • Kate Roebuck
  • Kate Zaremba
  • Kaye Blegvad
  • Kendra Dandy
  • Kevin Lucbert
  • Kimberly Ellen Hall
  • Laura Slater
  • Leah Duncan
  • Louise Reimer

  • Mansi Shah
  • Marcus Oakley
  • Morgan Carper
  • Nina Warmerdam
  • Nothing Can go Wrng
  • Olivia Mew
  • Opheila Pang
  • Rachael Cole
  • Rebecca Atwood
  • Robert Otto Epstein
  • Sara Combs
  • Shayna Kulik
  • Tilman
  • Tim Lahan
  • Will Bryant
  • Yao Cheng


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