Dealtry x Of a Kind

August 28th, 2014


Earlier this summer, I had the good fortune of meeting and dining with one of my favorite floral textile designers, Helen Dealtry. Over cous cous and vegetables, we talked pattern collaborations,  industry politics, and where to do aerobic yoga here in New York.  She casually mentioned working with Of a Kind (another favorite)…and I’m excited to finally share the release. Unsurprisingly, it’s a beautiful scarf (styled on our friend Chelsa Skees…to the left). There are only 25 – so nab yours before they disappear!


Retail: Denim & DIY Dip Dye

August 27th, 2014

Dip Dye Retail Installations_patternpulp2

Anyone who works in retail display design knows there’s an endless amount of tlc that goes into every execution. Whether creativity is being sparked by budget constraints, deadlines, or oddball restrictions, the behind-the-scenes repertoire is intense and hands on.

Interestingly, the two photos I snapped above are a contrast of sorts. The ripped denim chandelier at Warm NY, is beautifully complimented by white brick and directional lighting. The fabric stripes break the height of the space, bringing a softness to an otherwise cavernous nook. The results are effortlessly cool and bohemian.

The indigo dip dye cotton below, in contrast, is used to hide the department store ceiling at Selfridges in London. Not an easy feat. Both simulate a paralleling story, only this version seems 10x more time intensive. The display is beautiful, and busy, and actually reminds me a lot of wedding decor. What are your thoughts? Is this something you’d recreate and incorporate into your space?


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Tuesday’s Gallery Picks

August 26th, 2014


Trees and the landscapes they inhabit are a prime source of inspiration in this week’s gallery picks.

*            *            *

1. Deedee Cheriel’s whimsical In Search For More Than Another Shiny Object at Merry Karnowsky Gallery
2. Known for her expressionistic, visceral explorations of the natural landscape, Joan Mitchell abstracted tree-forms throughout her career. Dating from 1964 to 1991, the paintings in this exhibition are inspired by the form and structure of trees at Cheim Reid
3. During and after her travels to a villa in Nice, France in 1979–80, Jennifer Bartlett embarked on an ambitious freehand drawing project of nearly 200 unique perspectives, experimenting with countless modes of representation of the villa’s garden. After her well-celebrated gallery installations of the works on paper, Bartlett embarked on equally riveting paintings that experimented with serial perspectives of the same scene and psychologically charged re-imaginings of her surroundings at Locks Gallery
4. With his new body of work, “Woods” Romanowski continues to build on his compositions of found objects, which aesthetically shed light on his keen eye and extremely competent sense of design at 111 Minna Gallery
5. Although the focus of “A Sense of Space” is landscape, it may well be considered an abstract exhibition. None of the works are literal, as each artist explores various concerns – light, atmosphere, weather, composition and mood at Seager Gray
6. The works of Anna Vogel’s exhibition focus on the nonchalance with which we treat the world, the unintended vestiges that we leave behind in it, the fleeting and superficial manner in which we perceive it at Sprüth Magers Berlin


Laurie Rosenwald x Bloomingdales

August 25th, 2014

I’ve always been a fan of Laurie Rosenwald’s work. Her lines are bold and her animations are clever (and extremely New York centric). Here’s a pattern-themed short for Bloomingdales to kick off the week and get you thinking about Fall. Enjoy!


Friday Quick Links!

August 22nd, 2014


1. Painting the lazy days of summer via Design Crush
2. Swooning over this gorgeous Moroccan home via Honestly WTF
3. A studio visit with Lisa Congdon via SFGIRLBYBAY
4. Love the illustrations in this 1974 Soviet book about the circus via Present & Correct
5. Lisa Lapointe’s art is inspired by mythology via The Design Files
6. Maskull Lasserre re-carves discarded sculptures via design-milk
7. Give your fridge some pizzazz with a pattern via design*sponge
8. Gediminas Pranckevicius paints surreal worlds via Colossal
9. Art meets workwear via Yatzer
10. Julie White’s stunning patterns via Miss Moss
11. Ceramics from Éric Hibelot & Jean-Marc Fondimare via The Jealous Curator
12. . Pete Mauney’s striking photos of fireflies in the night sky via 20×200

Contributed by Emily Gup

Brandon Locher’s Motherlode Series

August 21st, 2014

1brandon-locher 2brandon-locher 3brandon-locher 4brandon-locher 5brandon-locher

It’s imperative to recognize that our dissatisfaction originates within us.  It arises out of our own blindness to what our situation actually is, out of our wanting reality to be something other than what it is.

Here is an enlarged glimpse of Brandon Locher’s Mazes to the Motherlode series, as well as a quote explaining it’s purpose and existence. I’ve been following Locher’s work for some time- as I first discovered him through Ghostly International. His instagram is wonderful, as he shares his work-in-progress, so you’re able to see how these intricate and magnificent pieces form. At times, Locher finds himself drawing for 10 hours straight – which requires incredible discipline.


He’s generously sharing several of these works for desktop download via Ghostly. Click here to view.



Marketing: Taylor Swift for Keds

August 20th, 2014


How many of you clicked on Taylor Swift’s new video, Shake It Off, and were welcomed to Vevo with a 15 second promo for Swift’s new collaboration with Keds? I watched the ad and thought it was a very nice, safe, Americana collaboration. Keds are easy, approachable, and affordable for her core demographic of teenage girls.

While listening, she talked about patterns and leather laces…the line really stuck for me. It apparently stuck for my husband as well, as it was a topic of conversation this morning when we were both getting ready for work. So, while polka dots, stripes and florals might not be revolutionary when it comes to artistic collaborations, the video accompanying the marketing spot has hit millions since it’s release, and I’m guessing her words have resonated with many, like me- thus, making this interesting enough to write about. What do you think?


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Tuesday’s Gallery Picks

August 19th, 2014

gallerypicks_patternpulp73This week’s artists create their work from an assemblage of objects and images.

*            *            *

1. Drawing from the four pillars of design—shape, form, pattern, and color—each artist in the exhibition uses various medium and technique resulting in a range of works that expand upon thought-generative concepts that push against assumptions of design at CES Contemporary
2. X-O’s (also known as Hyland Mather) artwork is made of found, recycled objects, which he gathers while roaming streets of various countries, visiting urban areas and industrial scrap and waste fields at Masters Projects
3. The Clayton Brothers examine the mythos, culture, and visual language of an archetypal second-hand store located near their studio at Mark Moore Gallery
4. Cut/Copy/Paste presents three American artists who explore the boundaries of the contemporary collage and the re-appropriation of images at Beers Contemporary
5. “My art consists of abstract compositions that stem out of images of patterns mostly found in nature. Photographs are processed into mechanical drawings that are then transformed through the use of vinyl, paint, glue, resin, wood, found materials, and even recycled artwork” at Mindy Soloman Gallery
6. Examining the south through art at 333 Montezuma Arts


Budget Friendly Prints from Europe

August 18th, 2014


I recently returned from eight days in London and Spain…which were a dream…after combatting the jet lag, of course. These patterns are just a few of many that I snapped while in Marylebone, Mallorca, Ibiza and Barcelona…the top left is of a door in Ibiza that shares a striking resemblance to a moire pattern. The second “wind and energy” print is from the Swedish store, And Other Stories (a personal favorite). There’s a simplicity to it that I just love. The bottom left is a new release from Zara, but I swear it looks like a Marni duplicate…can anyone confirm? The last print is from Monki, another Swedish store geared towards the young at heart with a few sophisticated basics (think Aritzia). I love the neon.


Friday Quick Links!

August 15th, 2014


1. Jay Mohler’s stunning yarn mandalas via Honestly WTF
2. Amazing paper cut illustrations by Maude White via Colossal
3. Awesome DIY resin inlaid wood via Shinium
4. Interview with artist Lucas Grogan via The Design Files
5. Making marble float via The Fox is Black
6. Making textiles work in a 100 year old home via design*sponge
7. Hitomi Hosono’s amazing hidden porcelain bowls via The Jealous Curator
8. Gemis Luciani’s deconstructed and reassembled magazine via Trendland
9. Grant Gronewold aka HTML Flowers personal drawings via booooooom
10. These aren’t the bean bags you had as a kid via Miss Moss
11. Valerie Hammond ethereal mixed media artwork via Art is a Way
12. Julie Lansom’s lovely Sputnik lamps via design-milk

Contributed by Emily Gup

Tauba Auerbach x Sam Fleischner

August 14th, 2014

This video reveals the quiet excitement that comes of opening and inspecting a new work of art. Familiar as a book in shape and presentation, but captured as much more through narrative sound, color, and light. Shot and directed by Sam Fleischner, Tauba Auerbach‘s latest 6 volume book series presents a beautiful array of pop-up art. Enjoy the video and click here to learn more about this simple and complex series!



Tuesday’s Gallery Picks

August 12th, 2014


This week’s artists are contemplating personas.

*            *            *

1. David Lefebvre paints his memories, including glitches at Galerie Zurcher
2. Sebastian Cortés’ series Sidhpur: Time Present Time Past forms the first in-depth photographic exploration of the Bohra Islamic community in Sidhpur, a little-known small town in Gujarat at Tasveer
3. Ayo Scott’s recent work focuses on leveraging technology to create a symbiosis between the analog and the digital. He achieves this through a reflexive technique that begins with digital collaging and juxtaposition of distinct elements drawn from European masters, African masks and popular iconography at Octavia Art Gallery
4. “Women of today are assaulted by a continuous stream of media bytes dictating how we should look, think, and purchase. My latest paintings are part of my ‘Persona’ series and through them I explore the ‘masks’ women wear in their quest to discover their true selves.” at Scott Richards Contemporary Art
5. Jordan Matter captures fantastical moments of daily life Savin Museum
6. Stephen O’Donnell’s curious self-portraits present the artist guised as various historicized figures, from pre-revolutionary French aristocrats to Spanish grandees and mythological heroes at Winston Wachter Fine Art

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