Friday Quick Links!

June 5th, 2015


1. Beth Moon captures some of the world’s oldest living trees via Colossal
2. God’s Eye mobiles and colorful floor mats from Domestic Construction via Poppytalk
3. Mimi O Chun’s Stuffed Hipster Emblems via Anthology
4. Such a colorful and whimsical home via design*sponge
5. Hyperrealistic portraits of bathing women at different seaside locations via iGNANT
6. Super adorable rotary phone succulent planter you can DIY via I Spy DIY
7. Overlaying a polaroid with the context in which it was taken via Miss Moss
8. Xochi Solis’ lovely mixed media works via Trendland
9. Quirky embroidery by Ana Teresa Barboza via The Jealous Curator
10. Neat objects from Milan Design Week via Miss Moss
11. Elizabeth Pawle’s wall hangings via Honestly WTF
12. Fun giant glow in the dark moon via swissmiss

Contributed by Emily Gup

Tuesday’s Gallery Picks

June 2nd, 2015


This week’s artists experience the world through a lens.

*            *            *

1. Land and Sea features painting, drawing and photography by artists who provide illuminating and unexpected responses to aspects of the natural world at Danese/Corey
2. Ralph Eugene Meatyard’s acclaimed photographs of masked figures set against a deteriorating Southern landscape, and his somewhat lesser known, yet equally dynamic portraits—primarily of American writers at The Blanton Museum of Art
3. Rose Marcus photographs the Seagram Building and Central Park, then prints those photos and adheres them to the ready-made materials of architecture – sheets of plywood, aluminum, and acrylic at Night Gallery
4. Cathleen Naundorf’s Noah’s Ark features a series of taxidermy animals alongside unique haute couture pieces by leading fashion designers.  These elaborate sets embody a sense of extravagance – the dresses, headpieces and models posed against painted backdrops in a photo studio or on location – juxtaposed with the Biblical story and quest for a better life at Hamiltons
5. “See and discover the world with the wonder of a child” is a founding credo for Marc Riboud, who looks for a fleeting relationship interposed by viewfinder and lens at Polka Galerie
6. In her day, Frida Kahlo was photographed as much as, if not more than any Mexican movie star, and the portraits left behind are evidence of the limelight that surrounded her. Those same photographs that captured her magic and drew the public to her continue to seduce, and today, Kahlo’s allure and exotic beauty have become an intricate part of the universal conscious at THROCKMORTON FINE ART

Fancy Fence Work from London

June 1st, 2015

yalla yalla london

Just a short post today…here’s an incredible piece of artistry woven into a regular fence. Yalla Yalla is a Beirut Street Food Market in Shoreditch, London. Welcoming you into the space is this patchwork sculpture that’s almost invisible, until you’re up close, inspecting the menu, deciding whether or not you want to enter. It feels like wire crochet. Does anyone know who’s responsible for it?


CATEGORIES:  Around the Globe

Friday Quick Links!

May 29th, 2015


1. Stunning Australian fungi via Colossal
2. Michela Picchi’s fantastic bright colors and fun graphics via Design Crush
3. Painted diamonds are a girl’s best friend via The Jealous Curator
4. Beyond adorable ceramics from Meyer & Lavigne via Honestly WTF
5. Jeff Martin Joinery’s hand-painted credenzas via design-milk
6. Flower Queens in Madrid, a medieval tradition via Creative Boom
7. DIY abstract photo frames via design*sponge
8. Colonization of lichens via Trendland
9. Dig this idea of wood burning wooden utensils via Poppytalk
10. Simone Truong’s lovely melancholy paintings via Artsy Forger
11.Love these delightfully quirky rugs from GUR via Miss Moss
12. An amazing kaleidoscope playground via Yatzer

Contributed by Emily Gup

Book Review: Behind Collections

May 28th, 2015

1Behind Collections Book

Graphic Design in branding and communication has always been important. Something well designed can create customer loyalty, monetary benefits, and an edge on competition. Insert pattern and texture into this conversation and you’ve elevated it, giving the audience more visuals to identify with.

2 Behind Collections Book

Behind Collections is an encyclopedia of the best graphic design and promotional materials in the fashion industry today. It hits a certain aesthetic that’s quite popular at the moment, and reveals the varied methods of achieving a luxurious brand through color, embossing, typography and photography.

3 Behind Collections Book

It includes promotional design from ACNE, HONOR, AKIN, Vogue, Hermes and more…and an index of the creative studios behind the work.

4 Behind Collections Book

Here are a few spreads that that caught my eye. If you’re looking to add another book to the library, I highly recommend investing in this one. Click here to purchase.

Doors Throughout Morocco

May 27th, 2015


I was recently telling a friend about my travels throughout Morocco, and she said that her father used to buy old Moroccan doors and ship them to America. The endeavor sounded equally arduous and enterprising.


All throughout the country, multicolored patterned doors fill the streets. There are engravings, paintings and metal work that nod to the rich cultural roots.

moroccandoors4bmoroccan doors3

Here are a few snaps from Fez, Essaouira and Marrakesh. Compared to their textiles, the designs are tame, but on their own, they stand as incredible works of functional art.


CATEGORIES:  Around the GlobeTextiles

Tuesday’s Gallery Picks

May 27th, 2015


This week’s artists explore their creativity in everyday materials and experiences.

*            *            *

1.Michael Zelehoski takes found three-dimensional objects like pallets and police barricades and restructures them into two-dimensional space via Mike Weiss Gallery
2. Exploring the Rules of Vandalism at Le Paris Urbain
3. In her exhibition Attention Shoppers, Lisa Hoke invites the eye to a smorgasbord of color and form sourced from the printed packaging that contains and advertises processed foods at Pavel Zoubok
4. Kacper Kowalski’s striking aerial photography at The Curator Gallery
5. For Passage, Sophia Allison and Leanne Lee intermixed stained coffee filters and hand-drawn patterns on torn rice paper. In addition to the botanical imagery found in both artists’ individual oeuvre, the piece references landscapes from Allison’s work as well as Korean symbols and motifs common in Lee’s work at San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art
6. Rick Begneaud aptly combines paint, collaged with fabrics to create abstracted, angular shapes pulsating with rich color at Woodward Gallery

Friday Quick Links!

May 22nd, 2015


1. Tehran transforms billboards into art via The Guardian
2. Inside the studio of Hoi P’loy via Miss Moss
3. An exquisitely colorful and luxurious hotel in Jaipur via Trendland
4. Fantastic terracotta ceramics from Sharon Muir via The Design Files
5. Melissa McCracken paints music via WeTheUrban
6. An abandoned house in Detroit is covered in flowers via My Modern Met
7. Pip & Pop’s sugar crafted world via The Jealous Curator
8.  Zemer Peled creates her sculptures from ceramic shards via Honestly WTF
9. Lovely new wallpapers & tiles from Grow House Grow via design*sponge
10. Jenny Acosta’s delightful series of illustrated food puns via iGNANT
11.  Vintage postcard landscapes combined into new sculptures via Design Crush
12. Art history in contemporary life via Colossal

Contributed by Emily Gup

Crowded Spaces + Flat Design

May 21st, 2015


There’s an interesting optics play going on here. We have two very talented graphic designers creating varying crowds. While one feels like the Barnard graduation, filled with promising young women, the other has a metropolitan rush hour vibe. You can feel the hustle and bustle through the pattern blocking. The drawing on the left is by Alessandra Genualdo, an Italian illustrator living in London. I came across the layout while on a trip to Toronto. It was on the cover of Double Dot Magazine. The black and white crowd on the right is a piece by the Japanese artist Hisashi Okawa, who I recently discovered on Pinterest. It’s a beautiful juxtaposition, no?


Trend: Expressive Body Script

May 20th, 2015

expressive - illustration - patternpulp

There’s been a lot of talk about graffiti finding it’s way into high fashion. Miuccia Prada ushered in the conversation last summer with her About Face runway presentation. The latest examples have similarities in their raw essence, but take a bold, expressive typographic turn. We have Evisu, Die Antwood, Comme des Garcons and Dior Homme all using the body or page as a canvas for expressive thought.


All of these pieces feel connected in some way to the style and vibe of Shantell Martin’s illustrations. Her stream-of-contiousness drawings have been an influential style for a while now, and a stark contrast to the crisp colorful characters and collage work from Fall.


Tuesday’s Gallery Picks

May 19th, 2015


Our top gallery picks this week experiment with layers and the spaces where ideas intersect.

*            *            *

1. Mark Grotjahn employs a palette knife to drag, scrape, and feather densely woven layers of oil paint. Aggressively worked from the center of the painting, the impasto offers a glimpse into the many layers of color comprising the composition at Blum & Poe
2. Askew’s Exodusrefers to the perpetual migration of people within the greater Pacific region. The underlying themes of cultural identity are explored through an experimental style of portraiture, abstraction and graffiti still life paintings depicting traditional Pacific foods at Goodspace Gallery
3. Katharina Grosse presents pictures on canvas which seem as if made for the imposing, lofty space in which they are being shown. Compressed into the two-dimensional, rectangular format of a panel painting, the works point virtually outward, beyond their material bounds at Galerie Johann König
4. Adrian Ghenie’s paintings are all about alienation and the angst that accompanies it at Nicodim Gallery
5. Merion Estes’ Dystopia features new large “tapestry-like” paintings continuing her ongoing body of work exploring the intersection of nature and decoration at CB1 Gallery
6. “The Sound of Creation” is composed of a selection of painted works accompanied by corresponding musical tracks as the result of a creative collaboration between the artist Beezy Bailey, and the composer and music theorist Brian Eno at ArsCulture

Concepts & Illustrations at Maiyet

May 18th, 2015

maiyet-illustration and pattern

Bringing a drawing to life takes a lot of work. The sky’s the limit when you take pen to paper, but achieving the desired results requires patience and expertise. I found these before and after watercolors from Maiyet to be beautiful realizations of product development. The crochet polo and hand beaded venus clutch are part of their Spring/Summer 15 line and have timeless appeal.


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