Tuesday’s Gallery Picks

February 25th, 2014


This week’s gallery picks are for the misfits, challenging preconceived notions and calling for freedom.

*            *            *

1. I Haven’t a Single Explorer on My Planet is OLEK’s massive installation with a full sized boat at its center as an expression and symbol of freedom at White Walls
2. KAWS’s work possesses a sophisticated humor while utilizing a refined graphic language that revitalizes figuration with big, bold gestures and keen, playful intricacy. at Galeria Javier Lopez
3. Richard Colman’s new works are vessels for structure and chaos. They are contemporary in both composition and palette and at the same time ancient Greek in narrative and figure at v1 Gallery
4. Paul Mavrides is from that last generation of cold war babies who had to fight for their right to party so the rest of us could, well, party. Self-taught and street smart, he’s still suspicious of the government Steven Wolff Fine Arts
5.  Misfit Island invites us to journey across territories that might be as well tropical or urban, celestial or earthbound at Museum of Contemporary Art in Rochechouart
6. Hassan Hajjaj’s confident, upbeat portraits of young women wearing  veils and djellabah while posing on motorcycles subvert preconceived notions of Arab women; his subjects are traditionally clad but defiantly modern, bearing bright smiles and the markers of youth, independence, celebration and fun at Taymour Grahne Gallery

Friday Quick Links!

February 21st, 2014


1. Fabulously repurposed bike parts via Colossal
2. House prints by Chris Turnham via The Jealous Curator
3. Get weaving via Etsy
4. Tickled by these lady planters via Miss Moss
5. A peak inside the family pottery business of Robert Gordon via The Design Files
6. A big fan of Kristi Kohut’s mixed media art work via Design Crush
7. Adoring Marika Giacinti collection of cushions via SF Girl By Bay
8. Loving these vintage “do not disturb” signs via Present & Correct
9. Jeppe Hein’s experimental sculpture via Yellowtrace
10. What do you think about cardboard furniture? via Poppytalk
11. Explore new light technologies in textiles via design-milk
12. DIY fabric pyramid bookends via design*sponge

Contributed by Emily Gup

Steven Alan’s Subtle Spring Textures

February 20th, 2014


Much of the time, we tend to focus on bold contrasts, like this, this and this. Though, subtleties are just as interesting, if not more wearable. Here are a few pieces from Steven Alan‘s spring delivery – the collection’s a sophisticated menagerie of neutrals. We’re particularly keen on the blue cotton geometric slack and the pale pink polyester/cotton dress. What do you think? Are you ready to toss the winter wardrobe in the under-bed bins? We certainly are…


CATEGORIES:  FashionTextilesWomens

Concrete Living & Gridded Perspectives

February 19th, 2014

1Eva van Ooijen_wired 2Eva van Ooijen_wired 3Eva van Ooijen_wired

Meet Eva van Ooijen, a Dutch photographer, collage artist and trend researcher. Her portfolio recently found it’s way into my inbox, and while streaming through her work, I was drawn to her Wired series. More people than ever are choosing to live in cities, close to one another, between stone walls. This collection reminds us of the structural reinventions that are continuously reoccurring from generation to generation. Does it look like your metropolis?


CATEGORIES:  Around the Globe

Tuesday’s Gallery Picks

February 18th, 2014


The artists in this week’s gallery picks brood about the intricacies of life and art in moody, muted palettes.

*            *            *

1. Collaging ephemera collected from New York City sidewalks with artist Simon Evans’ own notes, the artist’s abstractions resemble dense, gestural almost-landscapes. Their expansive accumulation parallels the omnipresent digital cloud, archiving the trace elements of human experience to map a collective consciousness at James Cohan Gallery
2. George Condo has explored the relationship between the directness of drawing and the controlled methods of painting. His new works on paper are characterized by a dark brooding palette and a return to the figurative in subject matter at Skarstedt Gallery
3. Ross Chisholm distorts traditional portraiture with interventions and various manipulations – such as injecting geometric abstraction, combining figures from different centuries, or even updating a noblewoman’s fashion with 1980s punk accents at Green Art Gallery
4. For The Bestiary, Phlegm creates a modern bestiary within his own universe through an immersive and large scale installation in wood, clay and plaster. at Howard Griffin Gallery
5. Tiffany Wollman raises questions about the impact of the oil & gas industry and the Harper Government on fresh water in her latest work at AVALANCHE!
6. “Drawing is explosive, it is direct, and it is amoral.  Drawing is honest, and deceitful, it is raw, out of control, and it is measured, it is the pristine page of a notebook and also debris of the studio floor.  Drawing is the wellspring of the mind pouring onto the page – the most direct form of visual communication.” at Greenpoint Terminal Gallery


Wagner & M.M. Lafleur’s Bird of Fortune

February 18th, 2014


Off the heels of President’s Day, we thought we’d share a collaboration that hits an interesting cultural mark. Miyako, the creative director behind the women’s workwear brand, M.M. Lafleur, along with mixed media artist, Mark Wanger, have teamed up to create an impressive piece of wearable art.

Made entirely from collaged currency, Wanger’s peacock entitled, Bird of Fortune, is a departure from his regular editorial and media collaborations. Merging masculine and feminine along with capitalism and anarchy, this monetary creation is a beautiful deconstructed piece, filled with innuendos. The elegant wrap and flow obscures the obvious, spurring interest and intrigue. We’re big fans. What do you think? Click here to explore and/or purchase.


CATEGORIES:  AccessoriesArtFashionMensTextilesWomens

Friday Quick Links!

February 14th, 2014


1. DIY floral letters via Honestly WTF
2. Tata Naka and Matisse mash up via Miss Moss
3. Making hearts with circles via design*sponge
4. Really attracted to these copper chairs via SF Girl By Bay
5. Intrigued by HUXHUX Design’s “Tectonic Fields” wallpaper via design-milk
6. Interview with artist Michael Muir via The Design Files
7. Pretty oxidized copper mirrors that double as wall shelves via Trendland
8. Buildings that look like other things via Present & Correct
9. Oh Joy’s party collection for Target looks like so much fun via Oh Joy!
10. Sweet watercolor valentines via Design Crush
11. These mobiles are pretty adorable via Poppytalk
12. Lovely floral illustrations via Colossal

Contributed by Emily Gup

A West Village Snow Series

February 13th, 2014

snow-pic1snow-pic2snow-pic8snow-pic3snow-pic4snow-pic5snow-pics7snow-pics9snow-pics10snow-pics8snow-pics11snow-pic6snow-pics12 2

A few years ago, I shot a little snow series, documenting the varied textures that follow a storm. Before the dirt and invisible ice puddles set in, we have beautiful serenity blanketing our streets. I thought I’d pull it up from the archives to share. Enjoy and hopefully your commute’s painless today…

CATEGORIES:  Around the Globe

Where Art, Fashion & Retail Meet

February 12th, 2014

1bergdorfs 2bergdorfs 3bergdorfs 4bergdorfs 5bergdorfs 6bergdorfs 7bergdorfs 8bergdorfs 9bergdorfs

How magnificent are these window displays? Bergdorf Goodman’s hit it again, with a truly spectacular collection to beckon the Spring season. Following my personal mantra, that inspiration is rooted in the world of art and politics (and is eventually translated for the masses), the luxury department store has tapped 10 artists, creating one of it’s most successful collaborations to date.

It’s exciting to turn a new generation of artists loose in our windows.  We like the idea of using our windows as an evolving gallery to reflect the synergy of art and fashion, says Linda Fargo, Bergdorf’s SVP. If you live in New York and haven’t been by to see the spectacle, put it on your to-do list, and if you live beyond Manhattan, check out these talented artists, they’re making waves today.

Christopher Astley * Mattia Biagi * Kristin Cammermeyer * Sebastian Errazuriz * Lionel Esteve * Peter D. Gerakaris * Andrea Mary Marshall * Adam Parker Smith * Kasper Sonne * WXYZ x Laura Wass

PS, the candy constructed wallpaper seems like the feminine compliment to Leonardo Ulian’s work, just as the all-over pom poms reminds us of the dotted chaos trend from two years ago. Right?


CATEGORIES:  ArtColorDIYFashionRetailSet DesignTextilesWomens

Tuesday’s Gallery Picks

February 11th, 2014


This week’s gallery picks reveal floral bursts and vibrance reminiscent of Spring.

*            *            *

1. Through a series of paintings, Robin F. Williams challenges the roles of American masculinity and traditional portraiture by replacing the idyllic female, or odalisque, with romanticized scenes of men in various states of idleness at P.P.O.W
2. For New Blooms John Bisbee is making a series of floral-inspired pieces that will include, among other works, a field of steel flowers at Shelbourne Museum
3.Paulette Tavormina works around the clock to produce photographs that look like paintings at Robert Klein Gallery & Ars Libiri
4. Kerry Miller dissects discarded books and rebuilds them into precisely-crafted, extraordinary works of art, through little more than scissors, watercolor and ink at Shooting Gallery
5.The Orgone Accumulators group show at Bleicher/Golightly/Gorman Gallery
6. Nature vs. Nurture concerns the importance of an individual’s innate qualities versus personal experience the exhibit reflects Molly Smith’s and Masha Keating’s interpretation and transformation of objects found in the natural world at galerie102

Propaganda & Soviet Textiles from the 1920′s

February 10th, 2014

8russian_propaganda_patterns 9russian_propaganda_patterns 10russian_propaganda_patterns 11russian_propaganda_patterns 7russian_propaganda_patterns 6russian_propaganda_patterns 5russian_propaganda_patterns 4russian_propaganda_patterns 3russian_propaganda_patterns 2russian_propaganda_patterns 1russian_propaganda_patterns

Over the weekend, a friend sent this link my way- it’s an extensive library of patterns that were produced during the 1920′s in the Soviet Union. With the Sochi Olympics on everyone’s mind, I thought the batch would be interesting to share, as they reflect life and culture through the lens of communism. The motifs reveal workers, peasant life, planes, locomotives, marine living, cotton picking, tractor riding, propellers, collectivization, mechanization, florals and symbolic repeats.

This concept, of course, wasn’t a new one, as every country fighting a war was in on the act, creating messaging through textiless. To learn more, check out this book from Yale University Press, Wearing Propaganda: Textiles on the Home Front in Japan, Britain and the United States.


CATEGORIES:  Around the GlobeTextiles

Friday Quick Links!

February 7th, 2014


1. Birds with quite the hairdos via Present & Correct
2. Annie Watson creates art out of destruction via design-milk
3. Pretty patterns for your nails via Oh Joy!
4. Joe Mangrum’s always fabulous sand paintings via Colossal
5. Love this color and pattern filled Sydney home via Design Crush
6. A look into Pepa Prieto’s universe via Miss Moss
7. Liven up a plain wall with washi tape via Everything Emily
8. Gorgeous outdoor installation by Autumn de Wilde via The Jealous Curator
9. Digging these urban interiors with wood, concrete, steel, & textiles via Design Crush
10. Neat DIY mirrored tray via design*sponge
11. A fan of Leta Sobierajski’s playful aesthetic via Trendland
12. Inside the studio of milliner Nick Fouquet via Honestly WTF

Contributed by Emily Gup

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