Friday Quick Links!

June 6th, 2014


1. Soviet housing throughout Hungary by Katharina Rogers via Present & Correct
2. A peek inside the studio of K&R Ceramics via design*sponge
3. Taking a classic game and simplifying it with the use of color via Design Crush
4. Sweet DIY embroidered wooden box via Honestly WTF
5. Lovely ceramic and copper wind chime you can DIY via Poppytalk
6. The Sock Drawer’s awesome art socks via Miss Moss
7. Amanda Brazier creates her own paint from soil via The Jealous Curator
8. Digging these contemporary Indian Rugs via Trendland
9. Whip up some super adorable fruit cupcakes via Oh Joy!
10. Jim Bachor mends potholes with mosaics via Colossal
11. Illustrator Adriana Picker via The Design Files
12. Love this patchwork furniture by kith&kin via design-milk

Contributed by Emily Gup

Work From My Latest Redesign

June 5th, 2014


About a month ago, I refreshed my online portfolio with a quick and dirty redesign. I had a speaking engagement with the kind folks at Percolate, and realized about two weeks prior, that my personal domain hadn’t been touched in three years (crazy, but maybe some of you can relate)! It was time to replace it with something current and representative of my current aesthetic…not to mention the work I’ve done in-between.

While it’s still very much a work-in-progress (these things always are), I thought I’d share some imagery with you. I have an active pattern library now with roughly 150 prints, for clients who’d like to purchase or license (beyond custom pattern design) and am continuing to do creative brand development and marketing strategy (my bread and butter).

Hopefully soon, I’ll get to share a few collaborations that I’ve been working on over the past few months. When it comes to fashion and product development, the timelines are loooong, it’s always a test of patience! Particularly now that so much of my work is in the digital space.

In the meantime, check out what’s up and feel free to share your thoughts- I’d love to hear your feedback. Over time, I’ll be adding more in-depth imagery and explanations to compliment… Thanks!


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Trend: Feminine Florals for Summer

June 4th, 2014

1floral_skeetch_trendFlowers are everywhere – as to be expected…we’re upon summer! What’s interesting though, is the type of flower we’re seeing. Every season, we get accustomed to new design styles, and this time around, painstaking detail and illustration is front and center.


Line work dominates, reminding us of the medical journals that started popping up when organic and artisanal packaging started filling store shelves. It almost doesn’t matter if the colors are vibrant or muted, as the illustrations tell the story.


The style transcends products both locally and abroad- as the imagery above is from Sweden, the Philippines, New York, Miami and Paris. While we’re used to seeing flowers and vines from fashion and beauty, it’s most interesting to see the application blown out of proportion and scattered throughout the home sector…that’s when we know the design is here to stay, at least for a few years.

1. Genus Chair by Pillip Estlund  2. Wallpaper from A Bakeri Grows in Greenpoint (via Design*Sponge) 3. Nature & Human Collection by Lesia Paramonova 4. Illustrative work-in-progress by Daryl Feril 5. A Beautiful oversized knit I shot while in Stockholm 2 weeks ago 6. and another photo I took while at & Other Stories


Tuesday’s Gallery Picks

June 3rd, 2014


Nature is on the brain in this week’s gallery picks.

*            *            *

1. Joyce Silver’s multimedia works inspired by nature at Noho Gallery
2. Jon Campbell’s Crying Wolf at Gallery Krom
3. Influenced by surroundings and the beauty found in shortcomings of digitally captured imagery, Heidi Zito depicts time simultaneously passing and still through the use of superimposition and repetition of forms at Artists Alliance Inc.
4. Agostino Arrivabene’s new paintings draw from mythological stories, depicting a transformative process in which inner suffering evolves into a desire for healing through dream or divine intervention at Galleria Giovanni Bonelli
5. David Hockney depicts spring in all it’s glory and transformation at Annely Juda Fine Art
6. Rachell Sumpter paints scenes of colored splendor dropped into scenes of desolate wilderness at Park Life

Kids Wear & Mini Rodini

June 2nd, 2014


Prior to Tel Aviv, I spent two days in Stockholm…which was amazing. It was sunny and warm and a feast for design eyes. There’s a post to be written solely about the creative scene in Sweden, but today, I thought I’d focus on a singular brand that’s really hitting the mark. Meet the folks at Mini Rodini.


Founded in 2005 by the illustrator Cassandra Rhodin, this fashion and home line’s become one of Scandinavia’s fastest growing children’s wear brands. Selling all over the world- from boutiques in Kuwait to London to Paris and New York, it’s made it’s mark in high-end, ethical fashion. I always lean in favor or humor and color when it comes to art and everyday life, and it’s nice to see a merging of these world executed so well. Have a look for yourself!


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Friday Quick Links!

May 30th, 2014


1. A look at textile weaving in Seraya, Indonesia via Ann Street Studio
2. Digging Idha Lindhag’s home via SF Girl By Bay
3. Megan Weston’s latest artworks via The Design Files
4. Kiana Mosley’s lovely watercolors via The Jealous Curator
5. Juxtaposing art and fashion via Miss Moss
6. Rankin and Andrew Galimore take on Dia de Los Muertos via Trendland
7. Jon Godly’s impasto mountains via Present & Correct
8. Covetable and inventive beach towels via Design Crush
9. Christina Bryer’s striking ceramics via Art is a Way
10. Handmade quilts created from the meeting of digital and analog via design-milk
11. Make a hanging succulent garden via design*sponge
12. Léa Donnan’s tents made of salvaged crocheted blankets via Honestly WTF

Contributed by Emily Gup

Nigerian Nostalgia & African Hair Styles

May 29th, 2014

1african book of style

I stumbled across Pop’Africana through the wonderful rabbit hole that is Instagram. 50 clicks later, I was on their Facebook page, thumbing through vintage imagery of African hair styles from the The Africana Book of Style: Vol I.

3african book of style5african book of style

Many of the designs were new to me, and all were breathtaking in the most complicated and intricate of ways. Much of the imagery appears to fall under the category, Nigerian Nostalgia, which showcases the lifestyle and customs of African women throughout history.

4african book of style
2african book of style

Much of the book was shot by JD Okhai Ojeikere, a Nigerian photographer born in 1930, and known for his work with unique hair styles. The the modern imagery is by Namsa Leuba, a younger photographer whose work focuses on African Identity through Western eyes.

7african book of style9african book of style

To learn more about Pop’Africana as well as Oroma Elewa, the Founder and Editor, check out her interview with IntotheGloss. She discusses her desire to share, spread and curate innovative fashion from Africa throughout the globe.


Around the Globe, in Tel Aviv

May 28th, 2014


I’ve been away for a little over a week, appreciating the change of pace, meeting new faces and carrying an iPhone that somehow reaches it’s photo capacity on a daily basis. Before I head back to New York this evening, I thought I’d share a few shots from the road.


It’s been interesting to see what’s changed in Tel Aviv over the past year. While the Bauhaus style buildings and architecture are generally the same, new developments have sprung up all over the city.


Sarona, Jaffa and Neve Tzedek all continue to be evolving at a rapid pace. Each area is uniquely different, encompassing experimental food, design and fashion.


The concept store Numero13 has only been open for two months, but it’s already defined it’s footing in the neighborhood. The products primarily come from Israel, Europe and Japan and the selection’s a bit like Merci Merci or Corso Como, but with a more laid back Israeli/Parisian vibe. There are kid friendly graffiti notebooks, mens bathing suits, women’s dresses and accessories along with cool random art. You can even get a haircut within the shop.


The best thing about a city that lines the beach, is that it’s so easy to dip in and out without making a whole production of the visit. I’ve spent about half my time at Gordon Beach, which has been a total pleasure and a change of pace. I believe this is a sand-friendly rescue stretcher. Interesting, isn’t it?


In my attempts to connect the city and it’s intersections by foot, I’ve passed by more knockoff shops and discount local clothing stores than one can imagine. I love popping in to see what people are casually shopping for after work and on lunch breaks. I have more shots of denim and zippers than I know what to do with.


This pattern was interesting though…I can see it easily translated into home wear. The texture feels blotchy in an organic, yet processed way.


This spread encompasses an Israeli breakfast for four. It’s pretty insane, in the best way. Stay tuned, will share more once I’m back in New York!


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Tuesday’s Gallery Picks

May 28th, 2014


This week’s artist explore the interaction and impact of human life within a physical space.

*            *            *

1. Sara Dykstra’s still lives of layered transparent installations at Patricia Sweetow Gallery
2. Meredith Pardue is “most interested in extracting singular experiences—snapshots—from life’s endless cycles of growth and decay, and in transforming the public, universal worlds of nature and human dynamics into sites of private knowledge” at Kathryn Markel Fine Arts
3. Allison Stewart paints to interpret the chaos of nature at Mark Gallery
4. Altering the real physical space with real floating colorful clouds of smoke, Irby Pace allows nature to dictate the shape and duration. The work has an immediate feeling of beauty, but an underlying feeling of defiance in both life and nature at Galleri Urbane
5. Yangyang Pan’s reinterpretation of action painting, fueled by youthful optimism, cross-cultural history and outsized talent at Madelyn Jordon Fine Art
6. Hayley Barker’s Apparition Hill is a response to her visit to the village of Medjugorje in Bosnia and Herzegovina at Hartman Fine Art

Friday Quick Links!

May 23rd, 2014


1. A look inside Natalie Frank’s studio via Ann Street Studio
2. Stones created from layers of old car paint via Colossal
3. Gorgeous graphic dinner service collection via design-milk
4. Loving Elena Boils’ bold florals via The Fox is Black
5. These faces made of foliage are great! via Oh Joy!
6. Digging this DIY wooden base lamp via Poppytalk
7. Julie Green’s The Last Supper plates via Art is a Way
8. Striking editorial from Vogue Australia via Honestly WTF
9. Yolanda Sánchez’s colorful freeform abstract paintings via Design Crush
10. Lindsay Stripling’s juxtaposition of people & places via Buy Some Damn Art
11. Interview with artist Emily Floyd via The Design Files
12. Jessica Tremp’s “Atomic Occasions” via Miss Moss

Contributed by Emily Gup

Take a Shibori Seminar with Shabd

May 22nd, 2014

1shabd_patternpulp 2shabd_patternpulp 3shabd_patternpulp

Shabd Simon Alexander is a gem of a talent when it comes to tie dying and Shibori indigo techniques. Not only has she been making a name for herself with her fabric designs, she’s also gained a bit of traction from her traveling trunk show and DIY seminar. If I were in New York this weekend, I’d be taking her class…so if any of you are interested in nabbing a spot,- I’d suggest signing up asap. Click here to learn more and to see her collection.


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Duvelleroy x Tigersushifurs x Hand Fan

May 21st, 2014


This collaboration’s a fun one- it merges old world artistry and a hint of stuffiness with a fresh vision of French music and design. Duvelle Roy, a couture fan design institution has teamed up with the young guns at Tigersushifurs to create this playful line of psychedelic hand fansTigersushifurs is the fashion brand behind the electro label founded by Joakim Bouaziz. It’s run by Lauren and Audrey, two sisters who have built the line into a preppy-geek unisex collection. You can purchase on either website, or at

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