Patterns from Les Papiers Peints

July 10th, 2014


The Parisians love hot pink. They also love mustard. These designs are from the company, Les Papiers Peints, and showcase a variety of paper goods and wall decals. This faux headboard is a fabulous and economical alternative to the usual wooden or quilted variety. Click here to see more from their beautiful boutique.


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Inspiration & Summer Shadows

July 9th, 2014


Here are a few snapshots from last week. It was a pleasure getting out from behind the computer screen and finding an unlimited supply of inspiration by the shore. These pictures are from the beach, the boardwalk, the ferry and a few shadow/umbrella formations. Most, could easily transition into textiles…number 4 has Calvin Klein home written all over it. What are some of your favorite everyday patterns that you’re spotting this summer? Share your pictures with us on instagram (with the hashtag #patternpulp so they group together) and I’ll post a few favorites next week!


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Tuesday’s Gallery Picks

July 8th, 2014


In this week’s gallery picks, the artists explore fragmentations of reality and of the self.

*            *            *

1.Peter Regli presents a stylized landscape with carefully composed arrangements of marble sculptures depicting ancient statues, such as Hayagriva, the horse-headed avatar of Vishnu; religious idols, such as the Buddha; popular figurines such as the Japanese maneki-neko fortune cat; and household items, such as a child’s piggy bank—familiar images rendered unfamiliar by material reconstitution at Karma
2. In I shall stay the way I am because I do not give a damn…, four artists navigate altering realities at Lombard Freid
3. Michiel Voet and Karim Ramtani’s artistic reconstruction of an invisible life at Nieuw Dakota
4. These paintings explore the experience of living in a society that fragments our identities. By layering multiple images onto a single plane, Kaitlyn Stubbs seeks not to abstract reality, but to create a more whole representation of it at The One Well
5. Michelle Jezierski’s newest paintings emphasize the creation of new spatial dimensions through contrasting different layers of imagery at Feinberg Projects
6. Franklin Evans’ practice is a network, in constant flux, in absorption of adjacent content, in defocused experience of the contemporary, in rhizomic replication, and in reference to itself.  at Ameringer McEnery Yohe

Expressive Movement Through Line

July 7th, 2014


As designers, strategists, merchandisers and buyers, we see inspiration all the time. If you’re anything like me, you have magazine tears all over your office and home – tacked to moodboards and stacked in piles on your kitchen table. We collect, hoard, and piece together stories, waiting for the final puzzle piece to transition an idea into action. Most of the time, an idea’s come to fruition after a folder’s been filled with random (yet not-so-random), disparate imagery.

Today’s pieces, which are void of color (specifically red, white and blue), come from a Saint Laurent ad, a dress pattern from Tel Aviv, and an illustration I found on Pinterest. The movement through line is interesting- specifically through the varied application: beading, shapes and storytelling. The vibe is timeless and a reminder of what’s current in both high and mass production.


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Friday Quick Links!

July 4th, 2014


1. Design icon: the American flag via design*sponge
2. Loving everything from Arro Home by Beci Orpin via The Design Files
3. Super summery paintings by Josep Moncada via The Artful Desperado
4. Toino Abel’s gorgeous traditional Portuguese baskets via Miss Moss
5. Festive lei inspired jewelry by Rebecca Roke via Present & Correct
6. DIY some star spangled shorts via What I Wore
7. A selection of perfect summery fonts via The Fox is Blank
8. Greg Klassen embeds glass rivers and lakes into furniture via Colossal
9. Michelle Blade’s ethereal artwork via The Jealous Curator
10. Love this look inside San Francisco’s flower market via SF Girl by Bay
11. Zim & Zou crafted the fox’s den window with paper for Hermès via designboom
12. The lights of the US at night as a silk scarf via Swissmiss

Contributed by Emily Gup

Turquoise: Grids & Movement

July 2nd, 2014


Summer’s on the mind, particularly leading into July 4th, and many of you are on vacation, attempting to peel yourself from work and the daily grind. If you have a creative eye, though, you’re still finding inspiration, only this week it’s literal, as opposed to online. Be it shadows and shells at the beach, lines and sand textures on the boardwalk or wavy grids in and around the pool. I’m in Fire Island this week, working in the morning and cooking/beaching/biking in evening and thought a turq story would be relevant- particularly one that incorporates water and movement. These pieces transition from art and technique to photography and social media. It’s interesting to see the overlap between the imagery, style and form.

1. Art by Kathy Leeloo 2. Archival Pigment Print (artist unknown) 3. Pool photo from SwissMiss’s instagram feed 4|5|6: Artwork made with paste and paper by Ellen Golla



Tuesday’s Gallery Picks

July 1st, 2014


We’re celebrating the Fourth of July by looking at America through time and space in this week’s gallery picks.

*            *            *

1. . As children, Damian Stamer and his identical twin brother would explore the woods around his home. Within his work are the memories and images of ruined buildings from a time and way of life in the South that was and is coming to an end at Zane Bennett Gallery
2. Rhode Island-based Steven Coyle’s new beach series at Paul Thiebaud Gallery
3. No doubt we are living in the future, but is it the place we imagined ourselves growing up into when we were young? at Gauntlet Gallery
4. Bill Owens’s Suburbia (1973) is a series of strange and compelling photographs that reveal the complexities of the American middle-class Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art
5.Having spent a great deal of time in the Southwestern United States, John Oteri is inspired by those areas and uses them as backdrops for the majority of his work. at Joe Wade Fine Art
6. Robert Weingarten describes Pentimento, his recent body of work, as “a re-affirmation of the power of photographic memory.” Beginning with historic photographs that document major events of the last hundred years, Weingarten re-visits the original locations of these pictures and then makes photographs of the site as it exists today at Craig Krull Gallery


Friday Quick Links!

June 27th, 2014


1. Dreaming of running away to Morocco via Honestly WTF
2. Gelatin mold inspired planters via Trendland
3. Loving Justina Blakeney’s captivating foliage portraits via Miss Moss
4. Gorgeous reclaimed wood walls via design-milk
5. Adoring the colors in Niels Strøyer Christophersen’s home via The Artful Desperado
6. Patrick Weder’s honeycomb light sculptures via design*sponge
7. JR tuned the Panthèon inside out! via Yatzer
8. Fifty Soviet objects from both work and play via Present & Correct
9. A look at the art of Japanese Parquetry via Colossal
10. Interview with painter Laura Jones via The Design Files
11. B.A. Lampman’s beautifully bizzarre collages via The Jealous Curator
12. Yuko Nishimura transforms single white sheets of paper into wall reliefs via booooooom

Contributed by Emily Gup

Getting Expressive & Colorful

June 27th, 2014

Expressive and Colorful_Patternpulp

At a quick glance, these works seem inline with one another. They’re expressive/perfect messes, fit within the confines of crisp design and modern layout. The balance feels forward, yet nostalgic, reminding us of our youth. Remember the time when line drawings, finger paintings and a simple please and thank you, were the only things expected of us?

Whether we’re trying to emulate art from childhood or simply  finding inspiration in it, it’s a style I admire and enjoy. This men’s shirt is a collaboration between New York artist, Robin Cameron and Études Studio. This book is a parent’s personal project, compiling and archiving their child’s artwork. Both are beautifully executed and a reminder of the uninhibited markings of youth. What do you think?


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Trend: Textural & Tonal Blush

June 25th, 2014

textural & tonal blush_patternpulp

It seems like a funny thing to write that blush is everywhere these days…but in all honesty, it kind of is. The color (also known to many as rose gold) has transcended gender lines and is making it’s way through the fashion, art, home and beauty worlds this summer.

Stylists are putting male models in blush colored t-shirts for insurance ads, just as beauty brands are decorating eyelids in high-end campaigns. Cut collages, ribbed packaging, shimmering surfaces and natural patterns are the markers of variation, and it’s almost fun spotting new interpretations. Here are a few examples that hop between continents and genres, proving the sophisticated seasonal staying power of this minimalist hue.

1. Maison & Object Asia Print Advertisement 2. & 3. Collage: Absence and Rediscovery by Anthony Gerace 4. Brit Rhythm Fragrance by Burberry  5. Volcano Keepsake from Ya Wen Chau’s Heirlooms Collection 6. 3D Printed Housewears by David Steiner of The Royal Academy of Art 7. Plaid floral appliqués for Carven 8. Rose gold Tattoo Eyeshadow by Maybelline for Marie Claire


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Tuesday’s Gallery Picks

June 24th, 2014


This week’s artists integrate photography into their process.

*            *            *

1. In Luke Butler’s series “The End”, he paints THE END as a figure in a landscape. Removed from its narrative role, it is both familiar and strange. As a static image, it seems contradictory, absurd, and poignant – an anti-picture at Charlie James Gallery
2. Lee Jeonglok’s Palette of Light at Kwanhoon Gallery
3. The word Se means fate, fortune and destiny. Within this theme, El Antsui explores three states of mind: affirmation, intimation, and revelation through the form of hundreds of liquor bottle tops woven into a tapestry-like sculpture at Axel Vervoordt
4. Emerson Cooper relentlessly collects vintage photographs and Victorian cabinet cards. He transforms them into meticulously constructed, psychologically charged artworks by using a mix of thread, paint, collage or digital manipulation at Muriel Guépin Gallery
5. The six artists in Frameshift collide with and attempt to negotiate the technical image as encoded by the camera at Denny Gallery
6. The photographs of Tim Parchikov’s series “Burning News” show the problem of how the human consciousness reacts to the flow of information – being constantly bombarded by the ‘hot news’ until it reaches a critical point at | PRISKA PASQUER

Of a Kind x Pattern Pulp

June 23rd, 2014


It’s hard to keep track of everyone who references Of a Kind…it literally comes up in conversation all the time. The limited edition runs are unique, locally produced and curated with a cool, ethically-contious customer in mind. The photos and styling are extremely accessible, and the writing has a sharp point of view, which is a welcome relief in the sea of click-bait headlines. I personally think they balance the world of ecom and editorial beautifully. About a month ago, I got a chance to chat with Mattie Kahn, and she posted our Q&A on Friday. Feel free to have a look- we covered home trends, guilty pleasures and Hilary Clinton!



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