Your Stockholm Suggestions…

May 14th, 2014


Happy Wednesday! I’m heading to Stockholm and Tel Aviv next week. In addition to seeing family and exploring new neighborhoods, I’ll be meeting with designers and would love to expand my list. If you know of anyone amazing, please let me know (and put me in touch). Thank you so much!


PS…the image above is a little something I’m working on…



Tuesday’s Gallery Picks

May 13th, 2014


This week’s artists look at changing landscapes and the nature of transformation.

*            *            *

1. Clint Jukkala’s paintings suggest that seeing and believing are subjective acts without absolutes at BravinLee
2. The work presented in this show—a multidisciplinary approach to painting that combines photography and digital technology—is a culmination of Ricardo Mazal’s near decade-long exploration into themes of life, death, transformation and regeneration at Sundaram Tagore Gallery
3. Perdido Bay in lower Alabama is a constant source of inspiration for Don Estes. The combination of water and sky serve as the foundation of his latest series of paintings at David Lusk Gallery
4. Using l a turn of the 20th century photo portfolio book bought at a flea market on Berlin’s Unter Den Linden as source material,  Will Murray continues his experiments in traditional photographic methods and their eternally renewed relationship to painting at p|m gallery
5. Unregistered City provides insight into the artist’s sociopolitical perspective. In this series, Jiang Pengyi utilizes digital manipulation to place miniature skyscrapers in deconstructed landscapes at Klein Sun Gallery
6. In this body of work, Wafaa Bilal offers meditative and ephemeral moments which address erasure and violence in the aftermath of war at Driscoll Babcock

The Topography of Tears

May 12th, 2014

topography of tears2

Have you seen this study? It’s absolutely fascinating. Our tears have personalities that mirror our moods. A simple concept that seems so obvious. Tears from happiness, sadness, athletic release and even onions are all different.

During a period of personal change, Rose-Lynn Fisher started examining her tears under a light microscope and was shocked by the different patterns. To read more, visit her site, you’ll find 100 unique topographic formations.


CATEGORIES:  Technology

Friday Quick Links!

May 9th, 2014


1. Gregory Chiha’s distorted paintings via The Artful Desperado
2. Tiffanie Turner’s gorgeous giant paper flowers via The Jealous Curator
3. Emi Ueoka’s lovely soft line drawings via The Design Files
4. Nadia Sheremet’s dolls & creatures with beautiful embroidery via Art is a Way
5. Lovely textiles by studio nono via Miss Moss
6. Coral and Tusk’s super adorable pop up shop via design*sponge
7. Use alcohol ink to dye candles via Poppytalk
8. Ciara Phelan’s Greek Goddesses via The Fox is Black
9. Adorable cards by Stacie Bloomfield of Gingiber via Design Crush
10. Cataloging color in 1692 via This is Colossal
11. Coloni’s conceptual approach to green-thumbery via Trendland
12. Digging the Penniless Photographer’s work via Honestly WTF

Contributed by Emily Gup

Carriages & Contemporary Art

May 9th, 2014

bugaboo_artstyles_patternpulpCheck out the coolest carriage collaboration I’ve seen in a while. Bugaboo and the estate of Andy Warhol have teamed up to create a bold new collection for design savvy moms and moms-to-be. The Banana carriage pays tribute to music and punk culture, showcasing The Velvet Underground’s iconic first album cover from 1966.

The Happy Bug Collection is a bit tamer and pulls from Warhol’s famous art collection. The pieces are very cool and a refreshing departure from the solid color designs we’re used to seeing. I’d love to see a few more pattern collaborations down the road. What do you think?


CATEGORIES:  AccessoriesArtBaby

Trend: Citrus Themes

May 7th, 2014


Spring’s officially arrived! Unlike years past, we’re seeing more than just flowers. Everyone in fashion knows that florals signify Spring’s seasonal shift- it’s something we anticipate every year. On this go-around though, we’re seeing more motifs…

Citrus bunches, seen from above, are making their mark and becoming a trend. They’re filling high-end boutiques and populating our Pinterest feeds. They’re loose and multidimensional and flat and layered. Helen Dealtry and Yao Cheng have beautiful watercolor versions that are organic and painterly. Jorey Hurley’s three-color version feels a bit more poppy. Enjoy and have a look…and if you’re in the market to purchase, Dealtry’s print can be found at Loeffler Randall.


CATEGORIES:  AccessoriesArtFashionWomens

Tuesday’s Gallery Picks

May 6th, 2014


Using shape and pattern to contemplate the intricacies of life in this week’s gallery picks.

*            *            *

1.Correspondence is an on going drawing project between friends Kristen Palazzo and Karin Schaefer at Layla
2. Bryan Ida’s new series of paintings uses round and rectangular shaped panels to explore the intricacy, diversity, complexity, and beauty of the cities we live in. Cities are built in layers, and when you peel away layer by layer truths are revealed at George Billis Gallery
3. In Francie Hester’s work, “time is marked and measured; and time is unbound, fluid, infinite” Susan Eley Fine Art
4. Utilizing news media images, Sanaz Mazinani challenges the relationship between perception and representation, exploring concepts such as censorship, scale, and the body as a site of action or violence at Taymour Grahne Gallery
5. Finding inspiration from the physical and metaphysical qualities of water, Cathy Choi paints with pigmented resin, pouring thin veils of color in works such as S1401, or pooling color using a sculpted ledge in the paintings B1403 and B1404 at Margaret Thatcher Projects
6. Fred Tomaselli presents 8 new paintings and over 30 works from his ongoing New York Times collage series at James Cohan Gallery

Brushstrokes for Your Library

May 6th, 2014


Kyle Webster is a mastermind with brushstrokes. His ability to illustrate and story tell within Adobe’s perimeters is unparalleled and one of the reasons his regular clients include The New Yorker and The New York Times. In addition to creating, he’s dipped his toe into the world of  instruction and has started selling his infamous strokes. They’re extremely reasonable and life-like in presentation. Click here to explore, purchase and watch a tutorial.


CATEGORIES:  ArtDigitalDIYService

Friday Quick Links!

May 2nd, 2014


1. Headwraps with interior & upholstery fabrics via Honestly WTF
2. Some seriously adorable vases via Oh Joy!
3. Feel summery all of the time with this print via Exhibition A
4. Alex Katz’s work spans from the late 40s to the present day via Miss Moss
5. Adam Lister’s depictions of famous artworks and character via Yatzer
6. Euginia Pardue‘s lovely white paintings via Art is a Way
7. A day in the life of Maryanne Moodie via design*sponge
8. DIY a hanging jute basket via Poppytalk
9. Luke Hayne’s quilts are made entirely of old clothing via design-milk
10. A fan of these punchy marbled wooden bowls via Design Crush
11. Miranda Skoczek’s colorful Antiquities to Psychedelia via The Design Files
12. Butterflies that have both male and female wings via Colossal

Contributed by Emily Gup

Janine Rewell x Minna Parikka

May 2nd, 2014

1minna parikka janine rewell

Today’s feature is what collaborative dreams are made of. If you haven’t yet watched the video, please go do that now:

Two incredible artists, Janine Rewell and Minna Parikka recently joined forces to create a campaign including body paint, shoes, graphic patterns and naked models. The result are show-stopping.


CATEGORIES:  ArtColorFashionMarketingMensPackagingPrintWomens

Vintage Inspiration from Rilla

May 1st, 2014


A few weeks ago, I was in San Francisco for a wedding. Since I’m always trying to pack in as much as I can, I caught up with several friends in between festivities. One of them was Courtney Cummins. She filled me on on her latest endeavor which has been really fun to watch from the sidelines- a new online shop called RILLA, which carries new and vintage pieces, all through a print and patterned lens.

Cummins has a magnificent eye- she merges new and old seamlessly. All designers know that vintage is an inspiring pot of gold, and whether you’re looking to reinterpret or summon a specific era, motifs and color-ways speak to varied points in time. I just purchased two tops (the one above being one of them) and encourage you to peruse as well- if you’re itching for spring to get started, this might be a nice place to jumpstart your wardrobe shift.


CATEGORIES:  AccessoriesFashionWomens

Tuesday’s Gallery Picks

April 29th, 2014


The artists in this week’s gallery picks take a tactile approach with the incorporation of textiles, weaving and embroidery in their work.

*            *            *

1. Charting the high points of June Wayne’s pioneering oeuvre, this exhibition features works from each of her major periods, from her early Social Realist paintings through her lithographs responding to the literary works of Franz Kafka and John Donne, to The Dorothy Series, through her tapestries and innovative light-reflective paintings, to her late digital prints at Pasadena Museum of California Art
2. This exhibition marks an evolution in Margo Wolowiec’s practice. Referencing patterns of traditional Navajo rugs and Bauhaus weavers, the large-scale works in this exhibition move fluidly in and out of various geometric structures, breaking a strictly gridded logic and allowing for a more painterly approach at Anat Ebgi
3. Constantly searching, Sigmar Polke studiously avoided any one signature style or medium; his method exemplified the definition of alibi, “in or at another place,” which also suggests a deflection of blame at Museum of Modern Art
4. Ghada Amer ‘s is brightly-colored, embroidered “paintings” in which depictions of women and feminist texts are carefully stitched and sewn on the canvas at Cheim & Reid
5. Through donated business attire from banks and corporate employees, Christina Massey re-purposed this fabric and hand stitched it together with sections of her own failed works on canvas at Dacia Gallery
6. Florencia Walfisch’s The Importance of Minimal Gestures at Gallery Krom

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