Tuesday’s Gallery Picks

January 13th, 2015



Take the edge off the chill of winter with some vibrantly colored art that uses the environment to explore experiences.

*            *            *

1. Inspired by Edouard Manet’s late series of flower paintings, Roland Reiss began his new “floral paintings” in 2008 as a meditation on the impact of color on our consciousness. Here, Reiss deploys roses, lilies, and sunflowers as color delivery devices; they float in large-scale compositions layered with collaged stencils and cutouts that reference cityscapes, modernist painting, and forms found in his early sculptural tableaus at Diane Rosenstein Fine Art
2. Sherie’ Franssen has long been preoccupied by abstraction’s power to interrogate the contours of our world, fragmenting and reordering them so as to distill something essential about that world and our experiences within it. Her latest body of work pushes Franssen’s interest in fragmentation—both as an aesthetic and emotional condition—to a new level at Dolby Chadwick Gallery
3. Zachary Keeting’s paintings are improvisational, yet each image refers to a specific life-situations, to specific people. His is striving for an art of realistic complication, of crosscurrents and contradictions, group energy at FRED.GIAMPIETRO Gallery
4. Elements depicted in the individual works within Friedman’s Happy Place series are snapshots of the artist’s life, reduced to their simplest forms at Joshua Liner Gallery
5. Nineteenth century German Biologist Ernst Haeckel‘s illustrations of sea creatures,17th century Japanese erotic woodblock prints from the Edo Period, and the mathematical drawings of recent astrophysical developments in the detection of the Big Bang, all serve as a visual point of departure for Jennifer Nocon’s latest show You See Ocean I See Sky at Tracy Williams, Ltd
6. Robert Kushner fuses plant forms with references to the global history of ornament to extend his exploration of the conceptual and political implications of the decorative at DC Moore Gallery


Surrealism & Femininity from ROCHAS

January 12th, 2015


I just perused the ROCHAS PreFall ’15 collection on Moda Operandi and lingered on every piece, loving the balance of broad sweeping cuts alongside feminine surrealist patterns. There are enlarged glove prints, asymmetrical versions and smaller bow-like repeats. The florals are also sweeping, and against the black backgrounds, they pop in the most graphic way. Even the Duchesse Gown feels regal amidst a toss of playful gloves. Love it. To peruse (and shop), click here.


CATEGORIES:  FashionWomens

Friday Quick Links!

January 9th, 2015


1. Using unwanted materials to create elaborate scenes via designboom
2. Interview with the Swedish textile designers of Oyyo via Sight Unseen
3. Unsatisfied with iPhone case selection? DIY it! via design*sponge
4. Ogling this archive of Alexander Girard textiles via Cooper Hewitt
5. Lusting over these gorgeous layered knits via Honestly WTF
6. Beautifully colored resin nebulae paintings via Yatzer
7. Loving these patterned headboard ideas via Poppytalk
8. Art by large brushstrokes via WeTheUrban
9. Ink paintings on vintage books via Colossal
10. Morgana Wallace’s gorgeous layered art via Design Crush
11. Interview with illustrator, artist & book maker Marc Martin via The Design Files
12. Caroline Larsen’s incredibly intricate oil painting via The Jealous Curator

Contributed by Emily Gup

Materials for the Arts & 2015

January 7th, 2015


Here we are, in the second week of January…and as I’m working through jet lag and plugging away at a fairly big deadline (to be shared soon!), I’ve been thinking about creativity, giving back, and the idea of cleansing one’s mind, body and personal space. We all make mental lists of what should change, what needs tweaking, and how we’re going to achieve new goals – one of mine is to become a more active member of the creative volunteering community in New York.


One organization that embraces art education and DIY culture is Materials for the Arts. They welcome and collect all art and home supplies to be reused in the New York City Public School System. Once the items have been submitted, they’re sorted at a 35,000 square foot warehouse, and plugged into creative curriculums and yearly lesson plans.

When you think of all the office supplies that go to waste, from paper, to tape, to the random odds and ends of an art department, movie set, gala or wedding, it’s much more comforting knowing that these items will have a second life in the hands of an imaginative child.

Here’s a TEDx Talk by Harriet Taub, the Executive Director. She’s an impressive woman and dives deep into MFTA’s mission. I can relate to her crafty upbringing, as my grandfather was also a mastermind with his hands. As a retail merchandiser/hoarder, he also made the most elaborate costumes and DIY fix-it solutions.

If anyone wants to dip their toes in and get involved beyond donating, MFTA’s hosting a craft night with collage artist Michael Albert on January 15th. Click here for more details.


CATEGORIES:  ArtDIYEducationalEvent

Tuesday’s Gallery Picks

January 6th, 2015


We’re ushering in 2015 with bright colors, bold graphics and deep implications.

*            *            *

1. “Staycation,” titled from the idea of temporarily checking out of reality without actually going anywhere, compels the viewer to consider whether today’s current techno-cultural revolution in San Francisco, where the “we’re changing the world” mantra is as omnipresent as it was in 1968, and to ask what, if anything, is different? at Wolfe Contemporary
2. Rendered with a precise freehand technique, and without the use of tape, Warren Isensee’s work manages to avoid the anonymous, impersonal appearance often associated with hardedge painting. His unexpected juxtapositions of vibrant color are visually intense via Danese Corey
3. Andrew Falkowki’s work examines the relationship between studio production and media outputat Rosamund Felson
4. Spatial Planes includes a selection of artists whose print-based work plays with the visual and conceptual representation of space. In addition to the abstract and often geometric imagery activating multiple planes and pulling the viewer into contemplative space, the works are new statements on perception, an ongoing discourse of artists and theorists at Bluestar Contemporary Art Museum
5. REFRACTION. THE IMAGE OF SENSE brings together artists who accentuate how art operates in an era of new media, in a world which is organically and indiscernibly both human and non-human at the same time. at Blain Southern
6. Carlos Oviedo’s works speak to the fragility of social icons in pop culture and the representation of self and identity through the prism of fame and glory at Galeria GUM


Pattern Designers to Watch

December 31st, 2014

Pattern Designers to Watch from 2014b

Moving the needle forward and creating fresh work can be challenging. These artists are doing just that. Whether they’re combining illustration and graphic design, collage and paint, or woven threads in tandem with other styles, everything you see here will influence trends and styles in the coming year. Have a look, get to know these characters and share a few of your favorites with us!

*            *            *

1. Lotta Neinimen’s crisp, flat and precise landscapes.

2. Adam Lister’s modular cubism.

3. Ayaka Ito’s surreal and unexpected combinations

4. Sandra Nanushka’s floating objects.

5. Grant Gronewold’s pattern collages and illustrative storytelling.

6. Hanna Waldron’s tedious and meticulous woven graphics.

7. Lucas Grogan’s indigo murals turned textiles.

8. Paul Glabicki’s primary expression.

9. Sophie Duran’s figurative and collaged web.

10. Nina Warmerdam’s quirky grids.

Finding Inspiration in 2014

December 30th, 2014

Finding Inspiration Round Up 2014

Any artist will tell you it takes research, inspiration and drive to create something meaningful. Whether you have to leave to find yourself, create and recreate til it feels right, or surround yourself with likeminded makers, we all have our methods for production. Here are a few posts that triggered that for me. Enjoy!

*            *            *

1. Beautiful color stories from Dubai.

2. Nigerian nostalgia and magnificent hair styles.

3. Summer sand and tire patterns at the beach.

4. Poking around Tel Aviv for inspiration.

5. Bergdorf’s accessory and window collaboration with the art world.

6. Singapore art fair pamphlet.

7. William Eggleston’s marker drawings.

8. Raquel Allegra’s dyed textile installation in Paris.

9. Organizing seeds to make lace.

10. Mirrors, neon and lucite with Autumn de wilde.

Beauty, Nature & Science in 2014

December 29th, 2014

Beauty in Nature and Science

Science and structure are the backbone of repetition. Art follows nature, and then comes design and commerce. Here are a few examples of artistic and mathematical balance at it’s best. Enjoy!

*            *            *

1. Indigo Dye meets clever tile work.

2. Mira Hecht’s loose prism paintings.

3. Food palettes & sculptural wonders by Ettore Sottsass.

4. Justina Blakeney’s captivating foliage portraits.

5. Expressive and circular ceramics.

6. Physics producing patterns.

7. Textural and tonal fragrance grids.

8. Buildings and windows, as art.

9. Chad Wys painted swatches and unexpected shapes.

10. Solar powered bike path.


Delight & Whimsy in 2014

December 26th, 2014

Clever and Artistic  Round Up 2014

This grouping is marked by bright colors and bold graphics. Here are a few projects that brought a smile to many – be it through interesting construction, playful design or clever execution.

*            *            *

1. Arpana Rayamajhi’s Napal inspired jewelry.

2. Accessorizing your closet in the most silly and fabulous way.

3. Celebrating the female form, hieroglyphics style, with Rachel Levit. 

4. Impossible 3D Paper patterns by Maud Vantours.

5 Voutsa’s quirky and fabulous wallpaper themes.

6. Expressive and unexpected movement through line.

7. DIY Envelopes from Frankie Magazine.

8. Wagner and MM Lafleur cut and redesign American bills.

9. Tiger Sushi Furs and Hand Fun Fans.

10. Fast fashion: in the form of paint, wit and repetition.

CATEGORIES:  AccessoriesArt

Patterns & Branding in 2014

December 24th, 2014

Branding Round Up 2014

Successful branding almost always weaves in a notable texture to accompany the logo. It sets a subconscious and relatable vibe. Here are a few fun collaborations, product lines and branding exercises of note. Enjoy!

*            *            *

1. Neon Trees’ pattern-tastic music video, Sleeping with a Friend.

2. When Missoni met Converse and they made beautiful kicks together.

3. Piol’s made to measure banner tanagrams.

4. The Phillips Gallery through the lens of camo & instagram.

5. Safari Sundays’ shape shifting brand video.

6. Shoes and body paint with Janine Rewell x Minna Parikka.

7. Buried in Blackberry email. Using repetition as messaging.

8. Bugaboo taps Warhol for their strollers.

9. Polkka Jam expands to calendars, bedding, table wear and paper goods.

10. Truck Club’s ingenious patterned suitcase boxes.


Interesting Textile Finds from 2014

December 23rd, 2014

Interesting Textiles in 2014

Here are a few favorites from the bunch- sharing printed and woven textiles ranging from baby to indie to art to home wear. Enjoy!

*            *            *

1. Beauty in geometry and mid-century monochromes.

2. Gina Rockenwagner’s sharp and playful quilts.

3. Discovering Alabama Chanin’s placemats at Heath Ceramics.

4. Remarkable art & sculpture made from curled paper.

5. Jacob Magraw’s embroidered pieces are stations for thought and interpretation.

6. Super cool Matisse x Tata Naka mash-up. 

7. Illustrative and feminine florals of the surreal and literal variety.

8. Optics made with acrylic on woven textiles by Samantha Bittman.

9. Adorable bunny sheets for the babies in your life from Blabla.

10. Woven collages from Janelle Pietrzak and Robert Dougherty.


Wrapping Up 2014

December 23rd, 2014


Today’s my last day in the office til January 6th. Taking two weeks off to travel, rest and recharge. In the meantime, I’ve put together a few wrap-up posts to finish off the year. The best and the brightest, so to speak – in the categories of branding, pattern, textiles, architecture, inspiration and whimsical wit. Enjoy and here’s hoping for a brighter year ahead! Happy Holidays.

– Shayna


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