Art in Motion in Australia

April 28th, 2014

I recently stumbled across this video on Facebook and absolutely loved it. JeliRAD is a surface designer in Australia and recorded this short documenting a Flower of Life installation she collaged together. The petals are cut-outs from old National Geographic magazines. If you’re in Byron Bay, pay a visit to The Template Gallery, as you’ll get a chance to experience a wide assortment of 3D geometry.


Friday Quick Links!

April 25th, 2014


1. Amazing ceramic coral reef via Colossal
2. This home’s fantastic use of wallpaper and color via The Design Files
3. The stunning wallpaper of Greenpoint’s Bakeri via design*sponge
4. Paint a bag with glitter via Poppytalk
5. Sigrid Calon’s art from embroidery grids via Trendland
6. Angelika Arendt’s polymer sculptures via Art is a Way
7. Anne Dérian’s custom mosaics via Swissmiss
8. Love the unexpected details to these terra-cotta pots via Present & Correct
9. A multitude of pretty things by Lydia de la Piñera via Miss Moss
10. Craft a tasseled tote via Honestly WTF
11. Who said wallpaper has to match via design-milk
12. Illustrations brought to life with ceramic via The Jealous Curator

Contributed by Emily Gup

The Born Free Campaign

April 24th, 2014

WANGECHI MUTU_bornfree_campaignBorn Free_campaign_PatternpulpBorn Free_campaign_Patternpulp2

While thumbing through instagram last night, I came across this wonderful campaign and collection. Has anyone else heard of Born Free? Im sure many of you have…as it’s overtaken the homepage of Shopbop and is a fashion collaboration of epic proportions.

Wangechi Mutu, a celebrated Kenyan-born, NYC based artist, has shared several of her prints with fashion industry greats, including Celine, Prada, Lem Lem, DKNY, Chloe, Alexander McQueen, Carolina Herrera, Isabel Marant and more, to create a mother/child collection and awareness campaign.

This mission is a private-sector led initiative with one goal: to end transmission of HIV from mothers to children by the end of 2015. Born Free invests in people, time and business acumen to significantly accelerate the pace toward elimination in African countries most affected by this issue. To learn more, click here and snap up the pieces you love, before they’re gone!



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Trend: Complex Formations

April 23rd, 2014

Complex Formations

Today, we’re doing a simple compare and contrast of nature, art and fashion. The similarities are breathtaking, as each image feels like it’s within two degrees of each other in regard to form and complexity.

The top photo is a colony of mussels from Laguna Beach. They feel rather ordinary in a spectacular way. Then we have origami V-Pleats. Each diamond has been folded in half so that the top corners touch every edge with perfect precision. Go ahead and try to replicate…not so simple. Then, singing Marni’s praises yet again, this jacket is a phenomenon on it’s own. The texture bunches are both futuristic and life-like. I’m a huge fan.


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Tuesday’s Gallery Picks

April 22nd, 2014


This week’s artists reference a starting point from which their work leaps into something wholly their own.

*            *            *

1. Tauba Auerbach’s newly created sculptures and photographs take as their starting point the scientific principles of symmetry and reflection as a means to hint at an alternate, mirror universe at Institute of Contemporary Arts
2. The works in this exhibition address the tension between the advancing economical, industrial, social and environmental issues that affect communities across the world, uniting us all and enabling Liu Bolin to communicate powerfully and effectively to a global audience at Scream London
3. Bradley Castellanos’ pictures “are not the depiction of an actual place; the initial photograph is a departure point to an imagined world achieved through manipulation, cutting, and painting.” at Ryan Lee
4. Reenacting the Old Masters, with a little twist at Stux Gallery
5. Articulated Structure investigates the roots of architectural, neurological, musical, and visual form. at Dedee Shattuck Gallery
6. Often inspired by contemporary and historical events, Swoon engages with climate change in her installation as a response to the catastrophic Hurricane Sandy that struck the Atlantic Coast in 2012, and Doggerland, a landmass that once connected Great Britain and Europe and that was destroyed by a tsunami 8,000 years ago at Brooklyn Museum

Design Talk with Percolate & Friends

April 21st, 2014

DesignTalk_Percolate_Patternpulp3apercolatedeck_patternpulp 26percolatedeck_patternpulp2slideshow

If you’re in the East Village tomorrow night and liken yourself to be a maker or a creative consumer, you should join us for this event. I’ll be presenting alongside Percolate, Artsy, Ghostly, SquareSpace and Of a Kind, sharing stories, inspiration, some advice and a few embarrassing photos on the topic of design, collaboration and trend forecasting.

I’m pretty thrilled to be a part of this, as I consume and admire the products and services from all of my fellow presenters. Here are a few shots that made the cut, and yes, that’s me and an easel at four years old…my grandfather started me young. Should be a good time! Click here to register.


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Friday Quick Links!

April 18th, 2014


1. Art & sculptures made from curled paper via Colossal
2. Ruby Taylor’s illustrations via Miss Moss
3. Sunsets in shattered mirrors via Design Crush
4. Egg gradient via Present & Correct
5. DIY yourself a pretty spring string garden via Poppytalk
6. Entranced by Heath West’s Controlled Randomness via Patternbank
7. Rebecca Louise Law’s gorgeous floral installations via design*sponge
8. Make a pop-up card! via oh joy!
9. Lovely mixed-media editorial via Trendland
10. Max Kauffman’s paintings via booooooom
11. Tiles inspired by Japanese textile dying techniques via design-milk
12. Maud Vantours’ amazing layered paper work via The Jealous Curator

Contributed by Emily Gup

Banner Trends & Pattern Design

April 18th, 2014


Designers have a love/hate relationship with the pixel. We dislike being called pixel pushers, yet glorify the square throughout our work- whether it’s a conscious celebration (like in today’s feature), or a small part of the greater landscape.

We’ve been tracking the life cycle of this motif for a long time, as it’s a geometric staple that’s never going away. What’s interesting though, are the vectorize alterations and evolving color palettes. We started picking up on the trend from Matt W Moore’s murals a few years back, then watched the corporate giant, Chase bank jump in on the action. Percolate then released iOS wallpapers in deep jewel-toned palettes, and now we have pastel grids from Society6, Piol and Squared Array.

The top two designs double as web banners, which is fairly unique in the digital ad buying world. Both caught my eye before starting in on the content…though someone like me may be a bit skewed. The punch of color and linear movement stands out in the sea of model and type heavy advertisements. Big fan over here.



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Crafts & Commercialism with Marni

April 17th, 2014


My clients really range. Some have massive budgets with serious production, ad-buying and PR capabilities, while others are start-ups. In the new business environment, every dollar counts, while we find a platform and craft a message to share with the world. You’re probably wondering, well, what does that have to do with the Marni pictures above? Are they one of Shayna’s clients? I wish they were…

I’m sharing these layouts, as they prove a point about creativity. You can hire models and do over (or under) stylized photoshoots, sure, but you really don’t have to…if you have a creative team willing to take risks.

By no means is Marni a budget brand (hello!), but they know that their customer is artistic and wealthy, if not a little out there. They have foresight that they’ll appreciate a quirky campaign showcasing the thought behind the product. So, with paper, scissors and ribbons, one of the cheapest newsletter campaigns that ever existed made it’s way into my inbox…and I loved it.

What do you think?

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Tuesday’s Gallery Picks

April 15th, 2014


This week’s gallery picks examine states of being through transformation.

*            *            *

1. Christopher Russell’s scratched-photo-drawings capture the psychological, otherworldly implications of being at Mark Moore Gallery
2. Elisa Strozyk’s “ceramic-tables” range uses ceramic glazes to create image-like surfaces. These table tops become image carriers that unveil enigmatic poetic worlds at Stilwerk Design Gallery
3. With Organic Project, Andrea Juan bridges the physical and conceptual distance that separates most humans from Antarctica and its melting glaciers, hinting at a new world at Praxis
4. “There is nothing subversive about embroidering, but I corrupt it through my intentions,” writes Carolle Bénitah. “I use its falsely decorative artifices to reinterpret my history and to denounce its failings.” at Sous Les Etoiles Gallery
5. Celebrating the chaotic emotional duality that exists in life, Rimi Yang revels in the confusion mankind creates in its attempt to order the un-orderable and to explain the unexplainable at JoAnne Artman Gallery
6. RÖMER + RÖMER’s work celebrates life on the edge; it starts off as an experience, then is captured in a photograph, and finally morphs into a painting reminiscent of a glitched or frozen screen at Freight and Volume

Renovating with the Pattern Foundry

April 15th, 2014


Last night, I got an note from my friend Laurie titled, Patterny Things. It’s not so uncommon, you know, getting emails like this, as everyone from friends, to past teachers, to coworkers and press people share links along on a near-daily-basis. When Laurie gets excited about something though, I listen up.

The Pattern Foundry‘s doing something cool. They’re not encouraging you to buy textured accessories, they want a greater commitment- they want you installing patterned motifs within the architecture of your home.

From tiling and carpeting to ceramics and woodworking, this collective of UK craftspeople share a common interest in all-things decorative. Have a look at their site, as it might inspire you to refresh and revisit your home basics.

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Friday Quick Links!

April 11th, 2014


1. Covering Costa Rica in flower petals via designboom
2. Gianna Commito’s vivid geometrics via Artsy Forager
3. Giant street murals by Aryz via Colossal
4. Colorful South African homes via SF Girl By Bay
5. This lamp allows you to poke out your own pattern via Present & Correct
6. These hanging flowers are so pretty via Oh Joy!
7. Layering wood grain to create distinctive patterns via design-milk
8. Excellent flooring DIY project via design*sponge
9. Kip & Co’s towels are brave and busy via The Design Files
10. Andrea Wan’s illustrations via Trendland
11. Digging the colors in Emily Ferretti’s work via Miss Moss
12. Nikoline Liv Andersen creates elaborate garments that are not meant to be worn via Yatzer

Contributed by Emily Gup

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