Friday Quick Links!

March 21st, 2014


1. The Weather Diaries looks at Nordic fashion via Yatzer
2. Eugène Séguy’s gorgeous insect illustrations via Miss Moss
3. Andrea Mastrovito delightful installation via Colossal
4. Julien Renault’s lovely Rainbow Shades via Trendland
5. How fun is this DIY confetti table runner?! via Oh Joy!
6. If Salvador Dalí was a building, what would it look like via Honestly WTF
7. Shiny happy cheerleaders via Design Crush
8. Loving Lyndie Dourthe’s mushroom terrariums via The Jealous Curator
9. Digging these decorative wood tiles via design-milk
10. Give marbling a whirl via Martha Stewart
11. Neat DIY stool via design*sponge
12. DIY galaxy face art! via A Beautiful Mess

Contributed by Emily Gup

Interior Color Stories from Dubai

March 21st, 2014

1kate_lewis-harpersbaazar_dubai 2kate_lewis-harpersbaazar_dubai

Paging through instagram this morning, I came across the work of Kate Lewis. Lewis is a photographer living in Dubai with a gifted eye for chic, modern, magazine-worthy moments. She recently shared these still life color collages from the March edition of Harper’s Baazar Interiors on her tumblr. They’re inspiring in more ways than one, as they convey an interesting balance in color harmony while doubling as unexpected plaids, worthy of art or fashion. Do any of these translate to your home?


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Tuesday’s Gallery Picks

March 18th, 2014


It’s all about the ladies in this week’s choice gallery picks!

*            *            *

1. This exhibition spotlights women artists who use media traditionally associated with women and painters whose subject matter speaks of women’s lives and concerns at Seager Gray Gallery
2. Mel Kadel’s All Tied Up at Merry Karnowsky Gallery
3. Bravely exposing personal traumas, fantasies, and nightmares, Maria Lassnig’s art offers instruction for courageous living in a time of increasingly spectacularized social interaction. at MoMA PS1
4. Beautiful children dressed like small monarchs reign against a backdrop of velvet and brocade, adorned with a crown that looks like a headset, bringing them into contemporary world despite the Baroque atmosphere at Zipper Galeria
5. Leah Fraser’s latest work is based on stories of diverse cultures worldwide at Arthouse Gallery
6. Dressed in costumes and masks she has collected on her travels, Jacqui Stockdale’s hybrid characters are layered with cross-cultural and personal references at Helen Gory

Skin Color, Marketing & Media

March 17th, 2014

pantone skin huespantone skin hues3

I’m gonna keep this short today, as I injured my hand late last week and am still on the one-handed mend. I recently came across this creative project by Angelica Dass and was really drawn to it. It’s a gem of an exhibition, and when I first saw it, I thought it was from Pantone’s marketing team and was quite pleased to see an effort beyond branded merchandise.

Then, I realized it was an outside project. In the world of mug, makeup and fashion collaborations, this initiative speaks to the soul, touching the entire human race. Everyone’s skin color fits within Pantone’s classification system and the neutral portraiture is quite striking. If I worked at there, I’d get on the phone with Dass immediately and try to broker a collaboration.


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Friday Quick Links!

March 14th, 2014


1. Interview with French artist and designer Camille Walala via The Design Files
2. Indian architecture inspired by Ettore Sottsass via Present & Correct
3. What do you think about Instagram nail stickers? via PSFK
4. Panama City’s gorgeous American Trade Hotel via design*sponge
5. These kids beds are so cool, it’s a shame they’re just for kids via design-milk
6. Todd Baxter’s striking Owl Scouts photo series via The Jealous Curator
7. When Liberty of London & Herschel Supply Co join forces via Honestly WTF
8. Because pom poms make everything better via SF Girl By Bay
9. Argentinian artist Mart’s delightful street art via Colossal
10. Casey Vogt’s elaborate patterns made from layers of paint via Artsy Forager
11. Love Alexia Webster’s South African street portraits via Miss Moss
12. Carl Kleiner created these graphic compositions with Herman Miller’s refreshed materials palette via Trendland

Contributed by Emily Gup

Gender & Paralleling Illustration Styles

March 12th, 2014


Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time on Pinterest. Part of it’s due to a few social media assignments for various clients, and the other part is a renewed interest in home decor and dying techniques. Interestingly, Geoff McFetridge, an artist I’ve always loved, has been populating my feed quite a bit. Much of his recent work reminds me of a style I’m used to seeing in Olimpia Zagnoli‘s illustrations. When you take a closer look though, each artist may use bold, abstract shapes, though the story lines are extremely different.

McFetridge’s recent work feels quite sexualized when you view the grouping together. Men are men, and women are welcoming of men. At first, you don’t think much of it, as the perspective and lack of detail throws you off. The design feels quite simple, but the longer you sit with it, the complexities and storyline grows. Themes of exposure, individuality, disguise and personal space seem to be markers of this series. In comparing the works side by side, you notice the difference in artistic nuance.

Olimpia Zagnoli_PatternPulp

Zagnoli’s woman has a coyishness to her that feels defiant. She seems stylish and quirky, and an equal player amidst male counterparts. Her shapes and color palette have greater contrast and present what feels like an uptown woman (where McFetridge’s female feels younger and more exploratory of herself).  I have to believe neither artist wants to be compared to one another, but when works have been pinned alongside one another, it’s hard not to notice a narrative and comment on the parallels and differences. Curious, what do you all think?



Tuesday’s Gallery Picks

March 11th, 2014


Our artists are plucking the strings of reality with sculpture and installations in this week’s gallery picks.

*            *            *

1. Jacob Hashimoto’s work studies visual experience in space, artifice, and craft through the use of materials such as handmade kites, fiberglass, marble and the skillful use of light at MOCA
2. Stories told with Astrid Svangren’s installation at Maria Stenfors
3. Sarah Cain’s site-specific work responds to the physical, psychic, and emotional space of the gallery as well as Cain’s time in New York at Galerie Lelong
4. “Study from the Human Body” captures the complex discourse on the human form by aligning the timeless influence of Francis Bacon and Henry Moore. with a diverse group of international contemporary artists working today at Stephen Friedman Gallery
5. Li Hongbo’s stunning, stretchable, paper sculptures, inspired by both traditional folk art and his time as a student learning to sculpt, challenge our perceptions at Klein Sun Gallery
6. Francis Upritchard’s painted sculptures, or, perhaps, sculpted paintings, draw on the gothic tradition of Erasmus Grasser and Lucas Cranach as much as contemporary folk and psychedelia. They are slanted archetypes such as the withered fool or the haute couture blind man at Kate MacGarry

Frankie’s Homage to Pattern

March 10th, 2014


Happy Monday! With temperatures swinging from 34 to 55 today, it’s  another confusing day for the east coasters. Many of us still have Fall fashion on the mind, but with imminent Spring on the horizon, we’re all on the cusp. Frankie’s latest issue hits a nice balance between the seasons- complimenting this sentiment.

Focusing on pattern through design, art, photography and fashion, the latest edition pays homage to texture. Showcasing work from Dinara Mirtalipova (the cover art), Elizabeth Olwen,  Kendra Dandy and plates from Crown Lynn, Mikasa, Johnson of Australia and Casual Cream, the layouts are eclectic and the DIY activities, useful. It’s fun to see how various mediums showcase and celebrate the art of pattern. Pick up a copy, I personally think this issue’s a collector’s item.


Friday Quick Links!

March 7th, 2014


1. Mirrored fences reflect the landscape via Colossal
2. DIY houseplant cupcakes via Alana Jones-Mann
3. Lula Aldunate’s mandalas, created with vintage fabrics and china via Honestly WTF
4. Interview with Olimpia Zagnoli via designboom
5. Brilliant patterns from this Ghana inspired fashion label via Miss Moss
6. Laser-cut patterned seaweed to give your sushi a little extra flair via design-milk
7. Interview with artist and designer Amelie Mancini via design*sponge
8. Digging this enormous hand-woven piece by artist Mimi Jung via booooooom
9. Minimalist covers of children’s books classics via Brain Pickings
10. Antal Gabelics’ kaleidoscopic moving images of Angkor Wat in Cambodia via Yatzer
11. Hanna Kruger piles porcelain to create vases and lamps via Yellowtrace
12. This faux swimming pool by Leandro Erlich is so awesome via The Jealous Curator

Contributed by Emily Gup

Color & Flow with William Eggleston

March 5th, 2014

1william_eggleston_aperture_patternpulp 2william_eggleston_aperture_patternpulp 3william_eggleston_aperture_patternpulp

Most us of know William Eggleston through his photography. Today I wanted to share a few drawings from his 2009 interview with Melissa Harris for Aperture Magazine.  Referencing Gerhard Richter and Ed Ruscha as his favorite artists and influences from Willem de Kooning and Vasily Kandinsky, it seems easy to connect the visual dots when looking at these works. The color and movement are balanced and full of life, much like his other work.

“When I get a new set of prints, I always initially look at them upside-down, because that helps me to look at them when they are right-side-up. I always notice something that I wouldn’t otherwise see.”



Tuesday’s Gallery Picks

March 4th, 2014

This week’s gallery picks tell their stories through the human form.

*            *            *

1. Dustin Yellon’s fascinating figures encased in glass at Richard Heller Gallery
2. Erik Jones clothes his figurative subjects in brilliantly patterned areas of color and geometry. Superimposing the graphic precision of these expanses against beautifully rendered portraits, the artist offers surrealistic images through the collusion of unexpected relationships at Thinkspace
3. For this exhibition, Todd James features his women: a colorful cast of warriors, sunbathers, sorcerers and girlfriends that have populated his work from its earliest years through today at Sandra Gering Inc.
4. Yinka Shonibare’s Making Eden interprets literally the notion of overthrowing the current social order in favor of an imagined “better place” at Blain|Southern
5. Recently, Richard J. Oliver’s portraits have crossed into the dark, brooding world of Grimm’s fairytales and surrealistic subjects that help convey the emotion and tragedy of our world’s children at Known Gallery
6. Combining stylistic elements from several different artists who cross multiple generations, George Condo’s portraits subvert traditional practice and only infrequently take as their subject real people; instead, the works often portray a fantastical assembly of characters derived specifically from the artist’s own imagination at Simon Lee Gallery

Door Patterns from Tallinn, Estonia

March 3rd, 2014

1adoor_art_in_tallinn_patternpulp 2door_art_in_tallinn_patternpulp 3door_art_in_tallinn_patternpulp 4door_art_in_tallinn_patternpulp 5door_art_in_tallinn_patternpulp 6door_art_in_tallinn_patternpulp

A while back, I did a recap of my visit to Estonia. I mostly hit on the topic of technology and the current state of affairs in our ever-evolving marketplace. While I was in Tallinn, the capital, I also took a lot of pictures, and realized while reviewing and sorting files over the weekend, that they’ve never seen the light of day. So…here we go. Enjoy the collection- the palettes are mostly muted, the detailing’s abundant, and motifs range from floral to geometric.


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