Tuesday’s Gallery Picks

June 23rd, 2015


Our artists are crafting stories and expanding upon themes in this week’s gallery picks.

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1. Trenton Doyle Hancock’s I Want To Be at the Meeting After the Separation will feature a number of new paintings, part of Hancock’s ongoing grand saga portraying the birth, death, afterlife and dream-like states of a range of characters, particularly the Mounds (half-animal, half-plant like creatures) and their aggressors, the Vegans at Hales Gallery
2. In his latest body of work, Paul Wackers continues to play with notions of the familiar, creating dynamic and increasingly complex visual environments replete with recognizable yet ultimately unknowable objects. In these paintings of shelves, windows, and interior landscapes, forms range from non-representational layers of viscous paint to discernible objects at Morgan Lehman Gallery
3. Alexandra Grant and Steve Roden: “These Carnations Defy Language” began as a “seed”—a conversation between the artists in regards to Mute Objects of Expression, an anthology of the French poet Francis Ponge at Pasadena Museum of California Art
4. Edith Beaucage’s Chill Bivouac Rhymes invites you to follow a small group of teens at a rave concert. In parallel to Roland Barthes search for openness of interpretation in literature; Beaucage organized her current exhibition to allow for a looseleaf narrative at CB1 Gallery
5. Kelsey Brookes: Plants Of The Gods features new monumental paintings based on Brookes’ scientific investigations into nature’s ancient botanical compounds at Eric Firestone Gallery
6. Santi Moix’s works have long been characterized by their accumulation of saturated biomorphic forms that are simultaneously figurative, narrative and abstract. Here, Moix returns to the central themes in his oeuvre, evoking plant and animal life by sifting through the breadth of studies and trial works on paper then collaging them onto large canvas backdrops at Paul Kasmin Gallery

Homegoods at Autour Du Monde

June 22nd, 2015

1Bensimon - Paris - PatternPulp

People often ask which stores are an important barometer of what’s fresh in and around Paris. There are the obvious spots (Merci Merci, Colette, Tom Greyhound)…and Le Marais and Pigalle at large, but I never go without paying a visit to Bensimon’s home and lifestyle store, Autour Du Monde.

2Bensimon - Paris - PatternPulp

Here are a few snapshots from my most recent visit. Things were quite modern and geometric. As usual, there were pink and yellow florescent accents to compliment linen homewear. It’s also worth noting the clever ceramic, lighting and bedding items that were a reminder that we’re still in a color-blocked trend cycle. One of my favorite collections was the all-over print tennis sneakers – a collaboration with Corso Como, Milan’s best known concept store. They almost look like something Shantell Martin would draw.


Friday Quick Links!

June 19th, 2015


1. Love these cracked log lamps by Duncan Meerding via Colossal
2. Interview with illustrator Monika Forsberg via Lisa Congdon
3. Make a gorgeous floral chandelier via gretchen gretchen
4. Exploring textiles and architecture via Trendland
5. Jason Middlebrook paints on chunks of discarded wood via The Jealous Curator
6. Craft a fun fringed backdrop via Oh Joy!
7. Martin Wehmer’s super thick brushstrokes via Miss Moss
8. Make yourself some embroidered hankies via Honestly WTF
9. Linda Linko likes a little imperfection and incompleteness via Anthology
10. Impromptu set ups of similarly colored items via Present & Correct
11. Sandra Eterovic’s delightfully colorful home via The Design Files
12. A look inside Kiki Slaughter’s studio via design*sponge

Contributed by Emily Gup

Athleisure & Collaboration in Paris

June 17th, 2015


Athleisure is a term that’s been thrown around a lot over the past year. It’s quickly becoming the main course of fashion, at least in terms of everyday activewear. When we think of it’s presence here in the states, it feels either mass, or somewhat unattainable financially. Having just returned from Paris, it was interesting to see how athletics have been incorporated into everyday life- from a stylish and wearable angle.

The extremes seem to be closing in on a central point thanks to an array of on-point collaborations. Here are a pair of Adidas Stan Smiths covered in a floral brocade with a matching jacket by Pharrell Williams.


The look is a fun one that’s unisex and extremely current for where we’re heading in the category. These versions are by CLOT and Rod Laver Vin. If you find yourself in the London, Paris or Berlin this summer, make sure to pop into No42, as they’re showcasing the best and the brightest in the experimental side of the field.


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Tuesday’s Gallery Picks

June 16th, 2015


This week’s gallery picks focus on action and evolution in the artist’s process.

*            *            *

1. This series presents a new take on pixelation, as Peter Fox’s work in “Blind Trust” distorts a color grouping from spherical drops to elongated color flows, which are swept across the canvas, spread and stretched in all different directions at Front Room
2. In Jug Life, artists breathe new life into still life at Park Life Gallery
3. About her work, Galen Cheney has said, “I like my paintings to exist on a tightrope, right on the edge of coming apart. Not fixed, not static, but open, and with a sense of still being composed. I want the process, the struggle to be right out in front, not covered over or tidied up.” at The Painting Center
4. Felipe Pantone’s body of work spans from graffiti to kinetic art. Strong contrasts, vivid colors, effects, and the use of mixed medium and varied technique combine to impact strongly on the viewer at Delimbo Gallery
5. “My inspiration fuels the belief that risk and guesswork will reveal new possibilities” – Kevin Broad at George Billis Gallery
6. THE COYOTE is a show of five NYC based painters implementing humor, kitsch, repetition and stark glyph like visuals, combining disparities to create new meanings at Gallery Steinsland Berliner


Friday Quick Links!

June 12th, 2015


1. Fabulous & fun hand printed pillows by Sunny Todd Prints via design-milk
2. Build a hanging plant lamp via design*sponge
3. Love Jodi Wiley’s paintings of bark via The Jealous Curator
4. Glassware inspired by laboratory equipment via Present & Correct
5. Beautiful botanicals and resort fashion via Miss Moss
6. Adrian Esparza’s gorgeous geometric thread installations via Anthology
7. Recently uncovered one hundred year old chalkboard drawings via Colossal
8. Irene Grishin Selzer & Peter Selzer of Iggy & Lou Lou via The Design Files
9. Digging Bri Land of Adrift in My Mind’s wood goods via Poppytalk
10. Learn to needle felt a photo via A Beautiful Mess
11. Jim Darling‘s airplane window seat paintings via Honestly WTF
12. A series of rug that look like a colored pencil frenzy gone right via Design Crush

Contributed by Emily Gup

Tuesday’s Gallery Picks

June 9th, 2015


This week’s artists invite you to look a little closer – things aren’t always as they appear.

*            *            *

1. To create mixed-media objects, assemblages, collages, and performances, Dan Bainbridge draws from nature, history of representation, Western mythology, childhood, adult fantasies, and popular culture. Bainbridge’s menagerie remind us of medieval compendia of animals’ symbolic meanings that made no distinction between animals native to Europe, exotic species, and imaginary beings at Art 3
2. In addressing systems of both taxonomy and display, Max Hooper Schneider’s Accidental Menagerie becomes a set of conditions rather than a discrete “plot”. Made up of over 25 specimen trays and created through a horizontal process of arrangement, the components of this work are hung vertically to create a visually permeable “wall”. Composed of many counter-taxonomic parts, these trays include rogue specimens, ornate detritus, and fragments from lived experiences such as a well worn band t-shirt or the contents of an anonymous junk drawer at Kayne Griffin Corcoran
3. Letha Wilson cuts, tears and shapes her photographs, pushing and pulling the prints into place and then encases portions of the composition in cement. She explores the magnetic pull of the American West, alluding to landscape’s intrinsic role in our own myths of reinvention, endless possibility, and inevitable promise Grimm Gallery
4. Liu Bolin disappears into the background at Houk GalleryGalerie Edwynn Houk
5. Andrew Dadson heightens the relationship between painting and the surrounding physical world by experimenting with painting’s foundational components (color, texture, medium, and support) and by bringing awareness to the body and its modes of perception at David Kordansky Gallery
6. Duane Hanson’s lifelike sculptures at Serpentine Galleries

Friday Quick Links!

June 5th, 2015


1. Beth Moon captures some of the world’s oldest living trees via Colossal
2. God’s Eye mobiles and colorful floor mats from Domestic Construction via Poppytalk
3. Mimi O Chun’s Stuffed Hipster Emblems via Anthology
4. Such a colorful and whimsical home via design*sponge
5. Hyperrealistic portraits of bathing women at different seaside locations via iGNANT
6. Super adorable rotary phone succulent planter you can DIY via I Spy DIY
7. Overlaying a polaroid with the context in which it was taken via Miss Moss
8. Xochi Solis’ lovely mixed media works via Trendland
9. Quirky embroidery by Ana Teresa Barboza via The Jealous Curator
10. Neat objects from Milan Design Week via Miss Moss
11. Elizabeth Pawle’s wall hangings via Honestly WTF
12. Fun giant glow in the dark moon via swissmiss

Contributed by Emily Gup

Tuesday’s Gallery Picks

June 2nd, 2015


This week’s artists experience the world through a lens.

*            *            *

1. Land and Sea features painting, drawing and photography by artists who provide illuminating and unexpected responses to aspects of the natural world at Danese/Corey
2. Ralph Eugene Meatyard’s acclaimed photographs of masked figures set against a deteriorating Southern landscape, and his somewhat lesser known, yet equally dynamic portraits—primarily of American writers at The Blanton Museum of Art
3. Rose Marcus photographs the Seagram Building and Central Park, then prints those photos and adheres them to the ready-made materials of architecture – sheets of plywood, aluminum, and acrylic at Night Gallery
4. Cathleen Naundorf’s Noah’s Ark features a series of taxidermy animals alongside unique haute couture pieces by leading fashion designers.  These elaborate sets embody a sense of extravagance – the dresses, headpieces and models posed against painted backdrops in a photo studio or on location – juxtaposed with the Biblical story and quest for a better life at Hamiltons
5. “See and discover the world with the wonder of a child” is a founding credo for Marc Riboud, who looks for a fleeting relationship interposed by viewfinder and lens at Polka Galerie
6. In her day, Frida Kahlo was photographed as much as, if not more than any Mexican movie star, and the portraits left behind are evidence of the limelight that surrounded her. Those same photographs that captured her magic and drew the public to her continue to seduce, and today, Kahlo’s allure and exotic beauty have become an intricate part of the universal conscious at THROCKMORTON FINE ART

Fancy Fence Work from London

June 1st, 2015

yalla yalla london

Just a short post today…here’s an incredible piece of artistry woven into a regular fence. Yalla Yalla is a Beirut Street Food Market in Shoreditch, London. Welcoming you into the space is this patchwork sculpture that’s almost invisible, until you’re up close, inspecting the menu, deciding whether or not you want to enter. It feels like wire crochet. Does anyone know who’s responsible for it?


CATEGORIES:  Around the Globe

Friday Quick Links!

May 29th, 2015


1. Stunning Australian fungi via Colossal
2. Michela Picchi’s fantastic bright colors and fun graphics via Design Crush
3. Painted diamonds are a girl’s best friend via The Jealous Curator
4. Beyond adorable ceramics from Meyer & Lavigne via Honestly WTF
5. Jeff Martin Joinery’s hand-painted credenzas via design-milk
6. Flower Queens in Madrid, a medieval tradition via Creative Boom
7. DIY abstract photo frames via design*sponge
8. Colonization of lichens via Trendland
9. Dig this idea of wood burning wooden utensils via Poppytalk
10. Simone Truong’s lovely melancholy paintings via Artsy Forger
11.Love these delightfully quirky rugs from GUR via Miss Moss
12. An amazing kaleidoscope playground via Yatzer

Contributed by Emily Gup

Book Review: Behind Collections

May 28th, 2015

1Behind Collections Book

Graphic Design in branding and communication has always been important. Something well designed can create customer loyalty, monetary benefits, and an edge on competition. Insert pattern and texture into this conversation and you’ve elevated it, giving the audience more visuals to identify with.

2 Behind Collections Book

Behind Collections is an encyclopedia of the best graphic design and promotional materials in the fashion industry today. It hits a certain aesthetic that’s quite popular at the moment, and reveals the varied methods of achieving a luxurious brand through color, embossing, typography and photography.

3 Behind Collections Book

It includes promotional design from ACNE, HONOR, AKIN, Vogue, Hermes and more…and an index of the creative studios behind the work.

4 Behind Collections Book

Here are a few spreads that that caught my eye. If you’re looking to add another book to the library, I highly recommend investing in this one. Click here to purchase.

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