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Hurricane Sandy

It’s hard to believe it’s already Wednesday. While my husband and I have been without power and heat in lower Manhattan, sensing the shortened days and prolonged nights, in a weird way, the week seems to have already evaporated. For the uber-connected and internet obsessed, there’s been a sense of calm merged with anxiety as a result of disconnection. One in three texts go through (if at all) and reserve power is a valuable asset. You have to make a decision, which platform’s most valuable- Twitter, Instagram or Facebook? For me, Twitter’s been the most informative, eating the least amount of data.

Bikes and vespas rule the streets and the days have been organized around power-charging runs and visits with friends. In a way, it’s kind of an interesting curve ball in the monotony of life’s routine, that said, I can’t even begin to imagine what would be, had the storm been any worse. Here are a few photos from my neighborhood: The Hudson river at 3pm before the storm hit, a bit of the aftermath of the Westside Highway, The lobby of Truffles, an apartment building two blocks away, and firefighters combing zone A during the storm surge.

We just relocated to my inlaws uptown. Hopefully everyone in the New York/New Jersey area’s safe and sound and hanging tight. My thoughts are with all of you.



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