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Interview: Dan Funderburgh

Dan Funderburgh

Every now and then you stumble upon work that is so creatively fascinating that it moves and inspires you.  Today we’re highlighting Dan Funderburgh, as his library of meticulous wallpaper falls into this awe-inspiring category.  Each of Funderburgh’s repeats draws upon historical references, be it Moorish mosaics, American op art, or simple tools humans use in everyday life.  Marrying commercial materials with modern day thought, Funderburgh’s art has seeped into several pockets of society, making significant waves throughout overlapping creative communities.  From 5Boro skateboards to the walls of Cooper-Hewitt’s Design Museum and the Miami’s Museum of Contemporary Art, Funderburgh continues to merge art, living and attitude.  Check out our Q+A for a glimpse into his daily routine.

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PP: Do you have a daily routine for news/blog/information consumption?  What are your favorite publications?

DF: I start my day listening to public radio but usually glance over the NYTimes and BBC websites. As far as the bloggysphere there is far too much stuff to take in daily. I figure my friends will send me something if it’s really important. I do like my friend Kelly’s blog, Nothing is New.

And of course Arkitip and 12oz. where kindred spirits Cody Hudson, Grotesk, Ryan Geezer, and The Chinatown Soccer Club post.

PP: How did you discover your talent and how has it evolved over your career?

DF: I don’t know so much about a talent, but I discovered I have an acute appreciation for intricate ornamental arts about the same time that I discovered I have a limited patience for non creative corporate logo re-sizing. So I quit my job and tried to make my way as a wallpaper maker and artist.

PP:  Do you discuss your work with other designers?  If so, how does that impact your creation process?

DF:  All the time! Not too many other wallpaper designers, but I’m surrounded by smart artists and designers and photographers that help me tremendously. Not so much on the minutia of a specific piece, but more for larger questions about direction and concept.

PP: Where do you usually work on your patterns and what is your preferred method of creation + execution?

DF: Usually rough sketches in pencil and then redrawn from scratch in the computer. I try to always be open to other options –> painting and photography in case the idea calls for it.

PP:  When is the last time you took a professional/creative risk?

DF: Too long ago. It’s probably time I should take some more.

PP:  Do you incorporate commercial trends into your work and if so, is this a factor that drives your design?

DF: Of course not ! That was a trick question. I suppose a few years perspective will be the judge of whether I’m apart from the flock or just fooling myself.

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