Pattern Pulp

Bright & Energetic for Spring

Spring’s around the corner- from a no sock and ice coffee perspective (New York’s been WARM) to an advertising and merchandising rollout. The color palettes are vibrant and have been populating the digital, print and TV airwaves since Super Bowl Sunday. Launching a new take on design, style and influencers, Gap’s tapped several bloggers and online personalities to showcase their latest collection. Have a look at, the very sharable home for this execution.

Continuing with the overhead vibrant theme, JCPenney’s recently launched an entire facelift, revealing a paired-down, optimistic, curated approach to shopping. The catalog is easy on the eyes with playful photography and bold typography.

Tying the theme together, Target’s latest explosion of color spot reminds us all to get moving and douse our winter palettes with saturated hues.

Exciting to absorb, let’s hope the weather continues to follow suit.


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