Pattern Pulp

Trend: Patterns in Advertising

When you consider the advertising industry at large, it’s simply a means to sell many messages. Regardless of the need versus want factor, it’s interesting to follow the creative thinking behind various campaigns. At least, from a trends perspective.

This Kobe Bryant portrait for Turkish Airlines highlights the brand’s unlimited amenities (flat beds, realtime entertainment, chef services) through the technical mechanism of an info graphic. Infusing similar texture into a more journalistic illustration, this New York Times pie chart assesses college debt through the lens of perception and worth.

Keeping in tune with the graphic nature of these layouts, Diane von Furstenberg’s recently launched home collection highlights the brand’s coveted archival duvet covers- a partnership recently launched with Bloomingdales. Sharing a similar color palette and graphic layout, Adobe’s Touch for the iPad app gets playful with tiger-striped typography.

Since we’re sharing the softer side of tech in today’s round up, it seems relevant to showcase GE’s Imagination at Work campaign, highlighting the microscopic organisms that lead to innovation. The palette mimics this vintage American Express Departures cover in a global-fabric kind of way.


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