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February 13th, 2009


When buying or revamping expensive furniture, it’s quite difficult to suppress your inhibitions and trust your creative gut.  Back in July, The New York Times highlighted Pamela Bell, one of four original founders of the Kate Spade brand.  Bell took it upon herself to reinvent the concept of doodling and let her children go wild on two pieces of antique furniture.  The results, though alarming to some, were well received my most.  Fast forward a few months, and it’s time to inspect how this idea of laissez faire fabric graffiti seeped into the marketplace.  On display at Elizabeth Bauer, a store for modern traditionalists, sits a wonderfully adapted high-end interpretation of this style. French handwriting covers all visible fabric, representing a playful pattern on pattern effect.  This chair is as flamboyant as it is elegant.

Bold & Expressive Marks


Leanne Shapton’s illustrations exemplify the perfect balance between a refined color palette and playful shapes.  Much of her work can be found in bookstores and on the shelves of home libraries.  Resultantly, her expressive style is often paired with highbrow literature.

Thin & Intricate Lines


When inspecting the doodle, delicate markings are just as important as sweeping gestures.  The 60’s math toy, the hypotrochoid art set, marries the idea of precision and fun for anyone who can get their hands on these serrated wheels.  Using a similarly detailed approach, the artist, Marian Bantjes is continually reinventing her line.  Here she merges type with surrounding shapes for a colorful invitation.  Dale Kaplan achieves her own interpretation of scratch, creating a high-end pillow by using nothing more than a sewing machine and thread.

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  • pergolas

    I love the quirky patterns used in the graphics displayed on this page. If doodles are merely an expression of what is going on in the artist’s head then these doodlers must have highly creative, intelligent and flamboyant imaginations.

    From a decor perspective, it is easy to envisage soft furnishings draped in these wonderful prints adding pizazz to every room in the house from the living room to the den to the outdoor pergola area.

    Many thanks to you Pattern Pulp for displaying the latest in cutting edge design that many of us don’t get the opportunity to see in the “real world”.

  • shayna121

    Thank you for your kind feedback! Curious, which “real world” are you implying?

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    “Pattern Pulp – Trend: High-end Doodles” in fact causes myself think a small amount more.
    I treasured each and every individual element of it.
    Thanks -Carri

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