Pattern Pulp

Patterns & Branding at the Arizona Biltmore

Last weekend my friends and I packed our bags- from various parts of the world and headed to Phoenix, Arizona to celebrate the wedding of one of our dearest friends who’s currently living in London.

Upon arrival at our hotel, the intricately designed Arizona Biltmore, Lily, the bride, exclaimed (as many friends and family members do these days), “this hotel’s perfect for Pattern Pulp!”

She was right. The deco pattern motifs were quite literally, everywhere.

Frank Lloyd Wright in collaboration with Albert Chase McArthur were responsible for the masonry “Textile Block” construction which was implemented throughout the hotel and grounds in 1928.

From cement blocks to geometric carpeting, to back-lit lighting, landscaping and interior furniture, the deco theme transports you to old-world Hollywood, emitting a mood of what LA or Las Vegas may have been like in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.

Barely using their typographic logo, you know the vibe of the hotel. The surface design and architecture cooperate in telling the story of a unique destination beyond the cookie-cutter expectations of a chain resort.

Large, expansive grounds allow for privacy, quiet pools are hidden behind cacti gardens and a wall devoted to presidential photos reveals the extensive history that’s walked the halls.

Looping back to the mission of the trip, it was such a treat to escape the east coast for a warmer climate, overdue reunion and tremendous celebration.

Here’s an instagram of pre-pool time on game day. I hadn’t been in a pool since July. I was excited, to say the least.

And with that, I’ll also admit that I’m officially old. I preferred the adult pool, where people read, veg and don’t twist down slides.

This little (or rather big) number made it’s way out of storage. Stains, holes and all, it’s still my favorite summer dress.

And finally, a few shots of the ladies (if you’re interested) from Shabbat dinner.

And a glammed-up wedding night. Have you been to Arizona? What do you think?


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