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Homegoods: Which Porcelain Personality are You?


On a recent trip to West Hollywood, I ventured into TableArt, a high-end home goods store with playfully decorative merchandise.  I stopped in my tracks at the Landscape collection, a recent collaboration between Patricia Urquiola and Rosenthal China.  The honeycomb reliefs within each plate, bowl and stem had accidental precision that was both delicate and striking.  It reminded me of all the times I wanted to leave personal markings in wet cement as a kid, a thought that undoubtedly crosses the mind of every child.  Though the writers from Cool Hunting and Design Boom covered this release a few months ago, it’s noteworthy to observe and compare other relief projects that have recently emerged and continued to shape this ongoing trend over the past few months.  Below are a few examples of ceramic reliefs personifying natural and man-made influences.


A Bryan Kerrigan tile installation uses high relief for ceramic architecture, Fast Vases is an abstract depiction of old-world Ming Dynasty artistry fused with futuristic digital technology, Bryan Kerrigan’s woodgrain tile mimics wooden floor panels and a mountain range inspired topographic plate designed by Japanese artist, Kyouei.

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