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Packaging: Eau De Patterns


We’re all guilty of the duty-free pit stop. It’s nearly impossible to resist spritzing yourself before boarding an international flight, particularly when you’ve got twenty minutes to kill.  Today Pattern Pulp is exploring perfumes that are slightly under the radar.  Scents that take a bit of exploring to find, yet are true favorites among their fan base.  Each of these brands has taken a similar stab at adorning their packaging with intricate florals, a common theme throughout the beauty industry. Sula, a side project of Susanne Lang, a Canadian parfumerie, is an affordable scent that intertwines theme-specific patterns with asymmetrical negative space. In an attempt to trace organic steps to this endpoint, real life inspiration can be found on this Jane Street apartment building as branches span the cement in upward growth.


Miller Harris’s signature floral etchings are equal parts raw and luxurious.  Following suit, Tocca, known for their understated elegance, has feminized tattoo illustrations for their latest line of fragrances.  Tsi-la Organics, a new player to the team, combines delicate florals with darker tones, enclosing their bottles in a signature black lotus box covered with spot varnish monochromatic detailing.


Fresh has been producing beautifully intricate packaging for as long as I can remember.  Incorporating delicate details such as wire, metallic thread and jade colored pebbles, the outer mementos are are as appealing (if not more) than the actual product- a successful marketing move when alluring first time buyers and gift recipients.

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