Pattern Pulp

Give & Get with Ana Montiel

Like many artists, bloggers and students, I’ve followed Ana Montiel‘s career for a while. Her hand is uniquely delicate and she transitions from watercolor to computer generated patterns with incredible ease. When we first met in London, it was a delight to discover the artist behind the visual wonderment was as warm and patient (I was 40 mins late!) as ever. Her self discipline and pace of production is as remarkable as her creations. Unsurprisingly, she chose experiences to give and get- have a look!

What Montiel Would Love to Give (My Soulmate): A trip together to Brazil! Rio, Ilha Grande, Brasilia, little villages… so many wonderful places to visit.

What Montiel Would Love to Get (From My Soulmate): Vacations for the both of us on an Ayureda/Yoga retreat in Kerala (India).

The best present for both of us is spending time together. We enjoy plenty of quality time here in London but can’t help dreaming about travelling to remote places nevertheless!


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