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Give & Get for Valentines Day

In preparation for Valentines day, I thought I’d do something a little different this year. Rather than ignore societal norms with Chinese take-out and a loving post-it note (a yearly tradition with my husband and I), I figured I’d throw the spotlight beyond the typical gift guide.

I reached out to many of the colorful characters I call friends, and got some fantastic responses back. Enjoy their picks, as we’d all love to give and get a little love, recognition and support throughout the year, not just next tuesday. And don’t worry we’re still going for Chinese!

I’ll kick it off!

What I’d Love to Give: My husband‘s stressed out. Work’s never-ending, the to-do list’s forever mounting. He deserves a Sunday afternoon of relaxation. I recently received a gift certificate to Great Jones Spa, here in NYC and spent a few hours just lounging in the pools. It was heavenly. I want him to do the same.

What I’d Love to Get: I’ve had my eye on this Claire Vivier bag for two months now. I saw it on a buyer’s blog and I’ve been anticipating it’s arrival at Steven Alan. I love that it’s practical and casual with colorful purpose. I might even gift it to myself this coming month.


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